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Brisbane Distillery Company

27/08/2020 There might be an easier way but Brisbane does it the right way

Brisbane Distillery Company is the city’s only grain to glass artisan distillery, where we’re crafting new and exciting gins, Rhum and botanical vodkas. What we’re doing is new and exciting, but we’re also staying True to our Roots. We make our liquors using pure, natural Queensland ingredients, taking inspiration from the history and heritage of our great state. As a family business that employs local people, Brisbane Distillery Company is rooted in the city, and the wider state of Queensland, Australia. It's history, geography, traditions and overall atmosphere are what give us our inspiration and make us what we are.


Antipodean Absinthe:

From a recipe developed before the colonisation of our continent comes a crystal green synthesis of the spirit of Artemis. Artemisia absinthium (Wormwood) lends a complex characteristic herbaceous note to the aniseed flavours of the hyssop, fennel, anise and star anise. Our secret recipe of herbs and spices has been macerated for a month to extract every molecule of flavour and then distilled in our rotary vacuum still to preserve the flavour profile.

Game of Eucalyptus Gin:

Blending the best gin botanicals - juniper, coriander, cardamom and cinnamon with some unique Australian natives this floral gin is soft and oh so fruity with a peppery kick. Fresh QLD mandarin peel, lemon-scented ironbark from the Cape York Peninsula and Carolina (broad-leaved paperbark) add beautiful floral, citrus and slightly woody notes. Perfect for cocktails, sours or over ice on its own as a delicious kicking back and chillin’ accompaniment to summer seafood, fragrant cheeses and tropical fruits. Winner of London Spirits Competition Silver medal.

Brisbane Dry Gin:

Coriander seed & cassia bark complement a traditionally dry, juniper-forward style. Liquorice root provides a subtle sweetness. Bergamot from the King Valley (VIC), and Pepperberry (TAS), finish this homegrown delight with fragrant pepper berry spice, and a clean citrus edge. Winner of a Bronze medal at 2020 London Spirits Competition.

Brisbane Distillery Company is Brisbane’s first grain to glass artisan distillery, where they are crafting new & exciting gins, Rhum & botanical vodkas. If you are visiting Australia and happen to be in Brisbane, do visit their Gin school as well where you can distil a bottle of your own unique gin at Brisbane's only Gin School. Choose from over 100 botanicals, create something special with your friends. They guide you every step of the way while you learn about gin and how to distil it. With over 30 stills, they can cater for parties of up to 40, but most classes are smaller groups for a more intimate experience. Includes drinks, tastings, snacks and a take-home bottle of your own gin.

These botanical bags contain nearly all of the botanicals needed to make our popular Phat Chai. We vacuum distil the ginger to extract its full flavour. The fresh ginger is currently macerating under vacuum for a few days before we distil it and blend with the gin distillate.

UK drinks consumers can buy from their online store and get it delivered in the UK.

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