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From Asterley Brothers to Hacha Dalston, here are some of the best London bars that are delivering

15/05/2020 On this page, you will find information on which all London’s best bars are now delivering their best cocktails for free at the consumer's doorstep.

With social distancing and isolation, your home is the only place to enjoy your drinks. And to save you from mixing and making your own cocktail, lots of London’s best bars are now delivering their best cocktails for free at your doorstep. So, you can enjoy your martini at home with your family. Let’s have a quick look at the top ten bars delivering near you :

Asterley Brothers

About : We make English Vermouth, Amaro and Fernet, using only the best natural ingredients. British if possible and organic whenever we can. Each bottle takes around three months to make, using traditional craft techniques. Made with care and attention, and only ever in small batches.

Cocktails you can order: Their new Limited Edition Lockdown Series kicks off with a Rhubarb Negroni and a Wet Martini. 

Cost: The 1 liter serving pouches can go in the fridge or freezer and cost £44.95

Source: Asterley Brothers

Hacha Dalston

About: Our award-winning cocktail, Mirror Margarita, is a crystal clear twist on the classic which when served looks like a glass of water, but is, in fact, a stunning Margarita with the perfect balance of sweet and sour notes.

Cocktails you can order: This Kingsland Road ‘agaveria’ is going to great lengths to bring their drinks to your living room.

Cost: Each 500ml bottle, priced at £35, contains four large cocktails, each with a double shot, expertly mixed and ready to pour over ice and enjoy. 

Source: Hacha Dalston

The Sun Tavern

About: The Sun is a smallish pub with DJs on Wednesday to Saturday evenings, and on other nights you can spin your own vinyl on the turntables. There is a limited food offering: charcuterie, cheese and the like. They even make a good espresso. On a bright Saturday afternoon people trickle in, drinking beer and cocktails. In the evenings, it gets busy. Not surprising: there’s a lot to love here.

Cocktails you can order: You can choose from their pre-batched Negroni, Boulevardier or Old Fashioneds.

Cost: Each bottle is priced at £30. Delivery is free if you live within three miles, next day delivery is also available.

Source: The Sun Tavern

Heads + Tails, West Hampstead

About: We're a local neighborhood bar in the heart of West Hampstead. We have two unique bars to suit your mood and we do some pretty fantastic drinks. Well, we think so anyway. 

Cocktails you can order: Classic cocktails include negronis and old fashioned alongside their Russeliana number that carries an incredible, smoky finish.

Cost: You can buy a £50 voucher for just £40 or a £100 voucher for just £75!!

Source : Heads + Tails 

Mac & Wild

About: An exquisite range of pre-batched Scottish cocktails made with some of Scotland’s finest spirits and botanicals. The brain child of one of Mac & Wild’s founding team members, Luke Leiper, the beautifully balanced range offers twists on many of the classic cocktails in a simple to prepare format. Heralded for their unrivalled taste and quality, the range is bottled in small batches from our base in Edinburgh, free from any nasty preservatives.

Cocktails you can order: Creations such as their Auld Pal Negroni and Blackwatch Espresso Martini are perfect to order.

Cost : Priced from £28 for 500ml (about 8 cocktails). 

Source : Mac & Wild 

Cocktails By Lollipop 

About: Since 2015, Lollipop have been creating jaw-dropping immersive experiences for you to come and enjoy in a bar, restaurant or an escape room setting. We have weathered many storms and crises during our quest to entertain you in ways that many considered “mad”. After all people who think they can change the world, actually, end up doing it.

Cocktails you can order: The brains behind cocktail experiences ABQ London and The Bletchley have concocted 6 alcohol-laden sips, including a red wine, brandy, and triple sec sangria, for you to enjoy at home. 

Cost : Priced starts from £39.99

Source: Cocktails By Lollipop  

Callooh Callay

About: Callooh Callay is an eccentric and beautifully quirky cocktail bar in Shoreditch, tended to by some of Londons best bar staff. Step away from the busy Old Street bars and go discover something a bit different.

Flick through the Bar Manual cocktail menu, explore this Shoreditch bar and find the secret JubJub bar, hidden behind a wardrobe and party to classics and party tunes at the weekends where Callooh Callay becomes a lively and good times bar. The cocktails are expertly crafted and will surprise and delight with an ever changing food and drinks menu.

Cocktails you can order: old fashioned and negronis

Cost : Priced starts from £5 for two smaller spirits and mixers. There’s eight to choose from, all coming in at 750ml each, ranging from £39 to £44.

Source : Callooh Callay 

Lost & Found

About: Sassy on down to Balham this evening to indulge in a little home-spun, cocktail whimsy as Lost and Found caters to all your liquid needs.

More like a living room than a lounge bar, Lost and Found are keeping the cool of kitsch alive with their homage to all things home-spun. From ditsy, floral wallpapers and gilded photo frames to vintage odds and sods, this venue has quirky, off kilter charm throughout. Set across two floors, guests at Lost and Found can tuck into cocktails upstairs, or broody beats whilst singing along karaoke down in the basement. 

Cocktails you can order: Shaun, the woo-ting chan, Basil and Pear Smash

Cost : Jean Genie at £8.50 with its refreshing mix of cucumber, gin and elder flower

Source: Lost & Found 


About: We all know that I like a good drink, and a good bar to have a good drink in!! To some people this will seem appauling but seeing as we are growing increasingly closer to all business's, bars and drinking establishments closing for a possible number of months. it seems a good idea to take it all online!!

Cocktails you can order: Shaun, the woo-ting chan, Basil and Pear Smash

Cost : A 750ml bottle will set you back £50 - but that’s enough to see you through at least six pretty happy hours.

Source: Quarantinis 

Black Rock

About: The Black Rock centre-piece is an 18ft, 185-year old oak tree trunk which also acts as an interactive cocktail ageing system, as well as that there is no bar. Black Rock also don't have a written down menu. Instead whiskies are organized in cabinets and categorized by flavour rather than region to help guests find a whisky that might be right for their palate, and if you see a whisky you know you like, then the whiskies that surround it will have similar flavours and you could end up with a new favourite whisky. However, if the proposition of choosing from 300+ whiskies is a little daunting, the staff are always at hand, ready with suggestions as to the whiskies that might be right for you.

Cocktails you can order: Whiskies

Cost : Get hand-selected whisky delivered to your door for just £7.95, or £7 per month if you opt in for a full 12 months

Source : Black Rock 

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