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How to Cook with Ginger

22/07/2020 Lets learn how to cook ginger in multiple way and add it as an ingredient

Ginger is a lovely ingredient if you know how to cook with it. It adds enticing flavors and aromas to anything adding layers of complexity and pleasure. You might not know this, but ginger is also good for you, and that’s a big plus. Here’s all you need to know about ginger and how to cook with it. 

What is Ginger Anyway?

Ginger is a Chinese plant’s underground stem or rhizome. It is closely related to other tasty plants like turmeric and cardamom. The gnarly root is not pretty looking, that’s for sure, but once peeled (peel it with a spoon) it’s pearly white and incredibly fragrant.

Why Is Ginger Good for You?

It turns out ginger has lots of bioactive compounds good for us. It can eliminate the feeling of nausea and can relieve muscle pain after a workout. It’s a potent anti-inflammatory, too, so it’s great if you suffer from joint pain and other maladies. If this isn’t enough to convince you, there’s more — ginger is delicious!

How to Cook with Ginger 

In savory dishes, ginger adds subtle Asian flavors. Mince it and add along with garlic to stir-fries and noodle dishes for rich aromatic hints. 

Sweet treats can also benefit from ginger - think gingerbread cookies. Grate fresh ginger to your cake mix or cookie dough for the most pleasing experience.

Finally, there’s the drinks. Ginger tea is immensely popular, and you can also add it to lemonades or kombucha. Ginger beer is the perfect example of how far ginger can go, it’s super versatile!

Now You’re Ready!

Now you know everything there is about this exciting rhizome, and we’re sure you’ll start adding ginger to everything! Enjoy it in both sweet and savory dishes and don’t forget to share this tasty information with your loved ones. Let’s get cooking!

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