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Q + A with Antonio Di Gennaro, Bartender at ROMEO hotel

15/05/2020 On this page of bartender series you will get to know Romeo Hotel's bartender, Antonio Di Gennaro, also, his favorite cocktails and much more about him.

I’ve been working in London for 5 years which is for me the capital of cocktails in Europe, here there are the most famous bar, greatest bartenders and coolest cocktails I have never seen, for sure is a good springboard for who wants to be successful in this industry. At the moment I’m back to my home city, Naples,and I hope to create my own project with my best friends soon , to bring here all the things we learned true our experiences at Romeo Hotel.

How did you get into Bartending?

I get into bartending as barback at the AquaShard when I moved to London, previously I was a waiter but when I moved there I had to start in the lower position in order to improve my English first and at that point I preferred to work behind the bar in order to improve my knowledge in the industry at the same time, but than I have found an amazing world that changed my life!

Any tips to pass a Bartender job interview?

Be yourself! 

What’s your favorite cocktail to make?

That’s a good question, but I think that for who loves this job there is not a favourite one but as long as you work in a cool place with amazing colleagues making greatest drink you are motivated enough in order to make them all with the greatest smile and satisfaction.

What are your bar essentials? 

The staff that works in the place has to be the most essential part of your bar, remember that you can do the most amazing cocktail in the world , but the way of how is presented and propone is what really makes the difference  

What according to you are London’s Secret bars?

We can define secret bar the speakeasy bar, which  for me are the most intriguing

Where and what you drink when not working?

I love to explore always new places, different bars and try different cocktails, is very hard that I order classic cocktails as I love to travel into the flavours of that bar drinking signature cocktails and found new recipes, techniques and flavours.

Your favorite places to get happy hour deals?

The one who gives a lot of food with delicious drinks. lol 

Your favorite nightclubs?

Not a great fan of nightclubs 

What’s the most underrated cocktail ingredient or spirit?

As spirit I’ll say Absinth, a little drop sometime is essential to give a deepness for those drinks that are disappearing in your palate after 30sec. As ingredient I’ll say Salt, not very common in drinks but a little pinch could open up all the flavours of the cocktail, quite similar to how does it work with the food. 

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