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Q + A With Enrico Chiappini, Head Bartender At Dukes Hotel

15/05/2020 Enrico shares his bartending experience and five things he definitely notices at his bar in Dukes Hotel.

A very quick interview with Enrico Chiappini , Head bartender at Dukes bar for the past 12+yrs 

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Let's see on the 5 things he definitely notices!

1. Pretending to be a regular to get in a fully booked bar ignoring that I’ve been working here for years and never seen your face before

2. People out on a date, especially blind date, are much nicer and polite then anybody else

3. Walk in the bar after closing time with empty tables and asking: “We are here for 1 drink only, can you make an exception??? “

4. You don’t know what an “Angelo Azzurro” cocktail is !

5. On last drink call for the night: “can I have 3 gin tonic, 2 cosmopolitan,4 martinis,  5 mojtos ......”

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