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Q + A with Minas Kotoulas, head bartender at Bar Americain

15/05/2020 Here's Minas Kotoulas sharing how he likes to observe his customer's taste & take care of their booze consumption to other things he notices at his bar.

In an interview with Minas Kotoulas, Head Bartender at Bar Americain, here are the five things he definetly notices at his bar :

Source: Bar Americain

You don’t like what you have ordered. 

Many times, we see our guests’ reactions when they have a sip; we might have to jump on the floor if they do not enjoy their drink. Most of the times we are offering something else.  We always want our guests to leave our bar happy.

You are looking for the waiter.

Behind the bar you can see everything, you can feel the vibes and the waiters play a key role in this experience. I get frustrated with the waiters when I see guests keep looking for them for a while, specially if they are ready to pay and waiting for the card machine.

You are spending your evening on your phone.

Going in a bar means socializing which is good for your brain and your mood. So please leave your phone on the table and talk, talk with your friends, talk with a stranger and enjoy the time you spend in a bar. A regular guest said once to me that he knows when a bar is good when you see people talking rather than using their phones. Thereafter I keep watching if the guests talk, laugh and having a good time with their company.

You are on a first date (App date)

The venue and the vibes in our bar are appropriate for first dates particularly if you want to impress someone. Hence that we have a lot of people coming for that reason and mainly meeting people through different Dating Apps. Therefore, when you pass through the door, we can see how uncomfortable you feel: looking for someone that you are meeting for the first time. Most of the times they request to sit at the bar so they can talk with the bartenders if needed. But the best part is when he/she feels bored and looking a way to ‘escape’. This is the time that we do our part; we start a conversation with them and trying to find things in common to link them so at least they can enjoy the moment.

You’ve had enough booze

I agree that when you visit a bar you are going to drink, and we are here to serve you. But we are here as well to make sure that you and our guests have a good time in our bar and go back home safe. We are always looking and hearing the guests’ behavior, and there are few things, like raising your voice or laughter, that show us that you’ve had enough booze and we need to keep an eye on you for the rest of the night. Most of the times, your friends understand the situation and that makes our life easier. That’s why they are friends so please Keep Calm and Drink Responsibly.

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