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Q + A with Paulo Azevedo, Junior bartender at The Goring

15/05/2020 Meet this young Portuguese bartender sharing his bartending experience and few tips on how to pass a bartender's interview.

I'm 26 years old. I'm Portugese, from Porto. I started as a bartender 2 years ago at The Goring, after finish Hospitality school at my city.

Paulo Azevedo preparing a drink at his bar 

How did you get into Bartending?

I was trying to find something that would fill me, I was tired to work just to pay my bills. After a trip to  Barcelona and knew some bartenders who decided to change their lifes and do what they love, I risk everything and I decided to do it too and I signed in hospitality school in Porto.

Any tips to pass a Bartender job interview?

Treat yourself and take care of you presentation, just be yourself, always sharp with the classics and be humble. If you don't know something, ask, try to understand. There's more than one way to do things right. 

What’s your favorite cocktail to make?

I like to do it mostly the ones that requires to stir. I find it challenging to reach the perfect dilution point.

The famous London Booth

What are your bar essentials? 

A shaker, mixing glass, jigger, strainer and a fine strain, bar spoon, knife. Always clean and ready to use.

What according to you are London’s Secret bars?

The secret for the best bares is using the best quality products possible and give an exceptional service to the guests and make them fell important, because they are and they're also the reason why we all try to do our best every day.

Where and what you drink when not working?

I prefer drinks with a high ABV, bold ones, like a Negroni, Manhattans, old  fashioned,  boulevardie.

Your favorite places to get happy hour deals?

I'm still discovering London, there are so many places to find out. Whenever I'm off I just go to Soho or Mayfair and enter in the place that I fell I'll have a good time.

Your favorite nightclubs?

Normally I prefer to go to late night bares instead of nightclubs.

What’s the most underrated cocktail ingredient or spirit?

Fresh and seasonal products for me are the best to work with. As a spirit I think the answer is tequila. For people who work in Hospitality or bares it's enjoyable but the rest of the customers are still afraid of it.

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