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The most expensive bars in London

09/10/2020 On this page find out about the most expensive bars in London

The London bar scene is legendary, and we have tried to gather the most iconic and expensive bars in the city of all time. Numerous cocktails have been created from the world-renowned London bartenders and mixologists. As well as numerous bars have become something like an institution and temple of alcoholic beverages throughout the ages. 

Just to let you know that we are working hard to be accurate in this difficult year, so please check that the establishments remain open before you go.

The Blue Bar at The Berkeley

The Blue Bar at the Berkeley

There are plenty of elite bars in London where you can have a drink or a fancy cocktail, but few can match The Blue Bar at The Berkeley in Knightsbridge. The mixologists of The Blue Bar are creating some of the most colorful cocktails in London. You can find signature cocktails like Tiki Hopster or Angel Scent which can blow your mind, as well as a fine selection of rare malt Whiskies, Cognacs, Armagnacs, Rum, Gin and a great choice from wines by the glass. The interior of the bar is very classic and cosy with its Victorian-inspired original room, and the ultra-modern extension of the bar made in 2016 from glass called The Glass Pavilion.; +44 20 7235 6000

Lyaness Bar

Lyaness Bar

The next bar was voted The Best Bar in the World according to the World's 50 Best Bars for 2018 and now has reopened under a fresh name and concept called Lyaness. It is a high-end bar with contemporary interior design which reminds the 70s with its charms. Velvet furniture with brass tables and dove greys ooze an aura of money with comfort offset by touches of marble. The cocktail menu is just impressive designed around ingredients rather than just cocktail types. They are using a chef’s approach to the cocktail recipes. Some of them are called Mario Kart Spritz 14 made with Bacardi Carta Blanca, Infinite Banana, cider brandy, banana peel and leaf, or Sorrel Sling created from 13 Elyx vodka, Onyx, St. Germain, rapeseed, sorrel and tonic. It is difficult not to love those creative and full of flavour cocktails.; +44(0)20 3747 1063

American Bar at Savoy

American Bar at Savoy

The next bar is a true legend which dates back to 1893 and it is known as the oldest bar in the United Kingdom. The Savoy American Bar pays tribute with its 20 signature cocktails to the legendary musicians and songwriters that have entertained guests in the bar for decades. All of the cocktails have been inspired by some of the most iconic songs played in the bar today mixed with a modern twist. The bar has an iconic status and the "The Savoy Cocktail Book" has become a must-have for mixologist and bartenders list of classic cocktails from either side of the Atlantic. Before you go to the bar, do have a look in the small museum where you can see all kinds of relics that form part of the bar’s rich history, like the framed letter from astronaut Neil Armstrong. The bar's design has a smart art-deco style with a retro touch which sends you away from today's modern world.; + 44(0)207836 4343

Kwãnt Cocktail Bar

Kwant Cocktail Bar

Kwãnt is a uniquely designed Mayfair’s Moroccan hideaway cocktail bar made by the award-winning owners of Sketch restaurant. A stylish bar that offers 5-star hotel standard for a bar operating without the stiffness and the formality attached normally to such an institution. The interior design has a tropical touch which makes you feel that you are not in London. Extremely fine elements and materials are giving you the feeling that you are in the perfect bar. The cocktail menu is beyond impressive with its creativeness and culinary techniques which are bringing extraordinary flavours on the palette. A must-try is the Mr Banana made with Ron Zacapa 23, stirred with Mr Black Coldbrew, carob and banana water. For the more eccentric ones, there are special vintage cocktails like the Dry Martini made from Eighties vermouth which will set you back £145, the special Sazerac £475. This place will give you an extraordinary bar experience.; +44(0)2074344040

We hope you will enjoy our top five expensive bars in London. Stay tuned for more in the coming months.

Header image credit: Lyaness

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