Your go-to vodka for Christmas: Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka

The show stopping Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka will make a fantastic addition to your liquor cabinet this Holiday Season.

While dark spirits usually steal the spotlight during the winter, some of us still like to channel our inner Annalise Keating and stick to our vodka throughout the year. But the Holiday Season calls for something different, something better than the usual. Enter, Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka. 

Emerging from a village near the Kennet Valley in England, Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka took home Spirit of the Year, Vodka of the Year, Best in Show by Country, and Best Spirit of the Year by Quality accolades at the 2021 London Spirits Competition. The elegant and smooth vodka outperformed its competitors by scoring 96 points on the board, reflecting on its enigmatic and memorable character.

The London Spirits Competition recognizes those spirits that excel in Quality, Value, and Packaging - the three main things we look at before picking up a liquor bottle. The judging panel at the competition comprises some of the UK’s best bartenders, bar managers, spirits buyers, and experts - who have decades of experience in the world of spirits. Not only are these judges experts in their field, but with years of knowledge, they know what we would like to drink, with Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka being one of their top picks this year. 

Producing award-winning spirits from an estate stretching across 19,000 acres, Ramsbury Brewing and Distilling Company raises the bar by following a sustainable cycle that leads to minimal environmental impacts. Along with its stellar vodka, Ramsbury Distillery is also home to a Single Estate Gin, which was not too far behind at the competition with a silver medal of its own. 

Let’s talk vodka

Malty and rich on the nose, the Ramsburty Single Estate Vodka whiffs of distinctive vanilla aromas from the Horatio wheat for a sweet and delicate bouquet. As you take a sip, the medium bodied vodka shows flavours of raisin, sweet vanilla, and golden sultanas on the palate, ending with a creamy mouthfeel. 

The smoothness adds versatility to the spirit, paving the way to craft rich and creamy cocktails throughout the year. 

During the winter, when your chilled cosmo won’t do, try whipping up Ramsbury’s Hot Butter Vodka.

Hot Butter Vodka

Recipe by Ramsbury Brewing and Distilling Company

hot butter vodka cocktail ramsbury single estate vodka

Hot Butter Vodka, Source: Website


60 ml Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka
10 ml Dry Sherry
150 ml Hot Water
3 tsp Butter batter
Grated nutmeg and lemon zest

Butter batter

A pinch of ground cinnamon, pinch of ground cloves, pinch of ground nutmeg, 4 tsp Honey & 1 tsp Brown sugar.


Heat all the ingredients in a large saucepan over a low heat until warmed through. Pour between 4 latte glasses or other heatproof glasses. Garnish with a little freshly grated nutmeg and lemon zest.

The Woodland Estate

The organic process of producing award- winning spirits starts from sourcing their own ingredients, fetching chalk filtered water, and sustainably reusing waste in active production. Functioning in an ecosystem of its own, the Ramsbury Estate is united with the presence of a forest, arable, livestock area, a farm, and a kitchen. 

Fallen trees are chopped to heat the biomass boiler, spent grains are fed to the cattle, and manure is used to fertilize the fields that produce a magical wheat grain, Horatio. These eco-friendly practices ensure that the land is in adept condition to grow the high quality grain. 

Spend the winter days at The Bell 

the bell ramsbury estate kennet valley Wiltshire England UK

The Bell in Ramsbury, Source: Facebook

As it gets colder, there’s nothing more pleasing than a weekend away in one of the country’s cosiest spots. Resting in the Wiltshire countryside, The Bell is a 300 year old ex-coaching inn, a perfect balance between small-town vintage vibes and modern sophistication. 

Pro tip, book your Ramsbury Distillery tours in advance, because your stay at The Bell would be incomplete without visiting the Ramsbury Distillery. 

The Ramsbury Experience

ramsbury estate countryside safari the ramsbury experience

Countryside safari from Ramsbury Brewery and Distilling Company, Source: Instagram

The Ramsbury Experience is one that you would not want to miss out on. The countryside safari promises spectacular views of the North Wessex Downs, paired with lunch, and a tour of the brewery and distillery.

The tour will take you through the entire process that goes behind making the spirits at the distillery and how the estate plays a pivotal part in doing so. You can opt to reserve a stay in the scenic countryside while appreciating their gin and vodka at one of their traditional cottages.

Book The Ramsbury Experience.

Shop the Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka here. 

Header image - Ramsbury Distillery, Source: Facebook

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