Exclusive Interview with Joe Whittaker of Berry Bros. & Rudd on Customer Experiences

Take a journey with Berry Bros. & Rudd's Global Brand Ambassador, Joseph Whittaker. Explore his diversified career, showcasing the art of creating unforgettable experiences for customers.

In today's talk, we have a thoughtful discussion with Joseph Whittaker, Global Brand Ambassador for Berry Bros. & Rudd. Having worked in a variety of jobs, from the refined ambiance of Soho's Quo Vadis to strategic duties in sales and product curation, Joseph offers insights into the art of providing memorable experiences.

This talk delves into the complexities of his path, highlighting a business strategy based on customer satisfaction, narrative artistry, and thorough product curation. Join us as we explore the junction of passion and professionalism, shining a light on how these components work together to suit the different needs of customers.

How have your experiences shaped the craft of delivering exceptional customer experiences, and how does this influence your transition into a more sales and product-based role?

In my career, I've been fortunate to encounter a wide array of diverse opportunities. These experiences have provided me with a deeper understanding of what individuals seek in terms of service, experiences, or products. Leveraging this knowledge, I aim to imbue consumers, customers, partners, and trade entities with the same passion and enthusiasm I possess for the industry. My goal is to offer them distinctive and unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impression, encouraging their return for more.

Through your infectious passion, how do you curate product experiences that resonate with customers, enriching their overall journey in the diverse world of drinks?

For me, it's all about taking people on a journey through storytelling—guiding them through words and bringing the narrative to life in their minds. My passion is rooted in the world from which these exceptional spirits have emerged. Whether it's the historical background of Gin and the tales from the Gin-Craze that continue to influence its production today, or the distilleries in Scotland and Ireland that endeavored to craft a liquid so exceptional it earned the title 'water of life,' to the liqueur steeped in the history of prohibition, bohemian pasts, and the pursuit of preserving these incredible flavors in liquid form. The world of spirits is far beyond just the liquid itself which is what I use to bring people into the world of drinks.

Image: Quo Vadis Restaurant Soho - Private Dining Room

In the bustling setting of Soho's renowned member's club Quo Vadis, how has your customer-centric approach influenced the selection and presentation of products to cater to diverse clientele?

At the core of Quo Vadis’ ethos lies a commitment to flavor achieved through quality ingredients. Whether it’s Jeremy Lee crafting the exceptional dishes that have earned him and Quo Vadis' kitchens widespread recognition, or the bartender skillfully preparing post-work martinis for esteemed guests to enjoy with friends and fellow patrons, the emphasis remains on exceptional ingredients. Bearing this in mind, the approach to creating cocktails and beverages is product-centric. For instance, classic martinis demand the finest gin, while Manhattans require high-quality American whisky for that distinctive flavor. Therefore, any new product I introduced had to meet these stringent criteria

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