Grab a Drink in Italy with some of the City's Best Bartenders!

We adore the mixologists and bartenders who make our favorite cocktails & these are the bartenders to look out for!

There are many excellent reasons why your city attracts visitors from all over the world to unwind at the most exotic and interesting of bars when it has some of the best bars in the world. Being a successful bartender requires years of training and experience; it is not an easy job.

Flavio Angiolillo

Flavio Angiolillo

Image: Flavio Angiolillo

Flavio Angiolillo, born in 1984, is Roman by birth and French by adoption. In addition to working with renowned chefs while traveling the globe, Flavio also developed his own gustatory culture, which he applied (and further expanded) by regularly practicing mixology in the first bar, which eventually expanded into five additional bars spread throughout the city, each distinct from the other. He owns the below-mentioned bars:


Mag Cafe

1930 Cocktail Bar

BackDoor 43


1930, which was opened in 2013 is the most famous speakeasy in all of Milan, managed by Fabio Cavagna. In the years 2019 and 2020, the 1930 cocktail bar is among the very few Italian clubs that became part of the World’s 50 Best Bars. Recently, the team – which includes Flavio in addition to Marco Russo, Andrea Dracos, Francesco Bonazzi, Fabio Cavagna, and Carlo Dall’Asta presented a collection of spirits they had developed on their own. They are all grouped together under the name Farmily Spirits (which is a combination of 2 words ‘FARM’ and ‘FAMILY’) and their mere appearance is intriguing. The Amaro Farmily, a “botanical bitter” created not only for cocktails but also to be consumed straight by the consumer, is the newest member of the family.

Federico Leone

Image: Federico Leone

Federico Leone is the head ambassador of Seven Hills Italian Dry Gin (fruit of seven spices.) It’s blended and infused for up to 15 days, in a versatile blend, rich in history and tradition, distilled with “vacuum”, to eliminate air and evaporating ethyl alcohol at lower temperatures, this Italian Gin “perfectly embodies what we call the Italian Spirit”, as Federico emphasizes.

He has been nominated for the Brand Ambassador of the Year 2020. His favorite drink is The Negroni, with its strong taste, which helps him to take a moment away from the fatigue of the day.

Giancarlo Mancino

Image: Giancarlo Mancino

Born in Basilicata, the Italian bartender Giancarlo Mancino is well-known throughout the world. In addition to being a recognized bartender, he also owns properties, runs a consulting business, and creates a superfine Vermouth. Giancarlo has traveled across the world progressing the world of cocktails with his own GiancarloBAR Ltd. He is the creator of Mancino Vermouth, Rinomato Aperitivo, SeiBellissimi and Sprezza. As well as the brand owner of Bocktailed, a tailored bottled cocktail company.

He has also launched his own Glassware collection: “The Wormwood Collection '' in collaboration with Italesse, and his Barware line in collaboration with Urban Bar.

Giorgio Chiarello

Image: Giorgio Chiarello

Giorgio Chiarello is an Italian Flair Bartending Champion. Among the most powerful and prominent bartenders in the world, he is the most successful in Italy. On the WFA grading list, his name is listed among the top positions. He is the winner of a prestigious competition known as the Road House, one of the most sought after in the Flair Bartending industry. He participated in projects involving American bartending skills in numerous Italian towns as a specialist and trainer.

Agostino Galli

Image: Agostino Galli

In today’s era, he is the face of the MIlanese cocktail bar in the Porta Romana area, Lacerba Quisibeve. He went to the University of International Relations in Milan. Every year they make 50 new drinks at the bar, and they organize them by distillate. A large section of the clientele always orders Martini, Daiquiri, Margarita, and Bloody Mary. They are also delivering a dozen canned drinks including 5-6 classics. The Gibson, a variant of the Martini Cocktail prepared with gin, dry vermouth, and orange bitter, which is garnished with sweet & sour onions and infused with gin and peppercorns, is his favorite drink.

Article by Puja Behera, Beverage Trade Network

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