Meet 5 of the Best Female Bartenders Transforming London's Cocktail Scene

Dive into London's cocktail culture, celebrating diversity and excellence with these incredible women.

Ride in for a journey through the thriving cocktail landscape of London, where a new era of inclusivity and excellence is unfolding. We are thrilled to present a special feature that spotlights the incredible talent of female bartenders reshaping the city's vibrant drinks scene.

In a realm traditionally dominated by male counterparts, these five extraordinary women stand as pioneers, challenging stereotypes and pushing the boundaries of mixology. With a commitment to showcasing diversity and recognizing the significant contributions of women in the industry, the London Drinks Guide is proud to shine a spotlight on the Top 5 Female Bartenders who are making waves in London.

Beyond their prowess behind the bar, it's noteworthy that these exceptional women also lend their discerning palates to the judging panel at the London Spirits Competitions. As influencers in both crafting and evaluating spirits, they bring a unique perspective to the forefront of London's evolving cocktail culture.

Join us as we unveil the stories and expertise of these outstanding individuals, whose dedication to their craft not only transforms London's cocktail scene but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring mixologists across genders.

Mariantonietta Varamo

Mariantonietta Varamo, a luminary in luxury hospitality with the esteemed Order of Merit award, has seamlessly transitioned from Head Waiter at Gran Caffè Delle Terme to Bartender roles at Hotel del Golfo and Villa la Massa. Her journey continued as Assistant Restaurant and Bar Manager at Dukes London, Assistant Restaurant Manager at Hyatt Regency, and Head Bartender at Delphina Hotels & Resorts. Presently, she lends her discerning taste as a judge at the London Spirits Competition, showcasing a career marked by elegance and expertise.

Giusy Castaldo

Giusy Castaldo, a bartender with diverse experiences, commenced her journey at Zenna Bar in 2016, rising to Head Bartender. She enriched her skills at venues like Crazy Bear, Soho House & Co., and Pucci Mayfair Restaurant as Bar Manager. From Sheraton Hotels & Resorts to Harrods, Giusy's role as Senior Bartender showcased her versatility. Presently, she spearheads a Bar Project at Kwãnt By The Sea.

Giusy's path is marked by curiosity, passion, and perseverance, reflecting her belief in bartending as the finest form of expression. Known for elegant communication, even in high-pressure scenarios, she brings a bubbly, team-oriented, and energetic approach to her craft. Seeking fresh challenges, Giusy aims to contribute her skills, energy, and creativity to an organization that values her dedication, as her dynamic career continues to unfold.

Aurelie Montana

Aurelie Montana, served as Assistant Bar Manager at D&D London and Bartender at Le Bar Club Gascon since April 2017. Her journey spans various international locales, including Grand Hotel Park Gstaad in Switzerland (December 2016-February 2017) and 1K St Tropez at Le Kube, Saint Tropez, France (June 2016-October 2016), where she held the position of Head Bartender. Prior roles encompassed Bartender at Pool Bar Martini at Le Kube (March 2016-June 2016), Saint Tropez, France, and Commis de Bar at Hotel Martinez Grand Hyatt, Cannes, France (February 2014-February 2015). Today, Aurelie's dynamic career continues to evolve as the driving force behind INK AND FIT & Empire Attire.

Diana Aladzic

Serbian-born Diana Aladzic commenced her hospitality odyssey by earning a BA in Hotel Management from Budapest Business School. Discovering a passion for bartending during an internship in the Canary Islands, she sought to refine her skills. Venturing to Amsterdam, Diana honed her craft at the European Bartender School. Her journey led her through esteemed establishments, from The Butcher speakeasy to Freddy’s Bar in Hotel De L’Europe. Now in London, she crafts unforgettable experiences and libations for Soho House & Co.

Cristiana Pirinu

Cristiana Pirinu, a 24-year-old hailing from Bosa, a quaint village in North Sardinia, discovered her passion for the bar early on, influenced by her family's extensive background in the hospitality world. After completing studies at the hotel school, her curiosity led her to London at the age of 19. Despite the initial challenges of being away from family in a bustling city, Cristiana's dedication to her craft transformed daunting tasks into her daily routine.

Her journey began in an Italian restaurant for a year before venturing into the world of Aqua Kyoto and Nueva, marking her entry into bartending. The pivotal turning point occurred at the American Bar in The Beaumont Hotel, where she returned to hotel life and worked alongside mentors who recognized her potential. Grateful for the diverse experiences, Cristiana now takes pride in working at The Donovan Bar, renowned as one of the world's best, alongside the esteemed "Maestro" Salvatore Calabrese and a dynamic team sharing her passion.

With two years at The Donovan Bar, Cristiana reflects on unexpected opportunities to learn and collaborate with industry leaders. Her participation in the 2019 Amaro Montenegro competition, clinching victory in the UK phase, boosted her confidence. She envisions this accomplishment as just the beginning of a journey filled with many more gratifying experiences in the vibrant world of bartending.


As we conclude this feature, it's important to acknowledge that these five remarkable women represent just a glimpse into the vast sea of talent shaping London's drinks scene. Countless others contribute to the richness and diversity of our city's cocktail culture, and we extend our utmost respect and appreciation to every woman leaving an indelible mark on London's thriving world of spirits and cocktails.


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