Q + A With Alessandro Geraci and Gaspare Di Carlo, Co-Founder at Hospitalian

On this page you will find an interview with Alessandro Geraci & Gaspare Di Carlo and the five things they definitely notices at their bar.

Alessandro Geraci and Gaspare Di Carlo started their career within the Hospitality Industry in their hometown very close to Palermo in two of the bars, close to each other, polishing glasses and serving the tables.  On 2019 they founded theyr own hospitality company called "Hospitalian" running professional bartender's courses in Italy, in partneship with Confcommercio and "Casa Prosecco D.O.C. To spread the Italian culture of sparkling wine in and "aperitivo style" in U.K. In 2020 they are now living their dream opening a venue called "Pasta Della Nonna" producing fresh pasta everyday and cocktails, purelly "Italian essence", trying to share with all the guests the feeling of the hospitality that only the grand mother knows how to do.  

At the beginning it was a difficult decision to invest everything into this business as both were studying at the time. Gaspare aspired to become a journalist and Alessandro wanted to be part of the Italian Navy. Their passion for the guest’s service, fascination in creating new flavour combinations and the vibe and ambiance of the bar was so strong that they decided to start saving money to invest in professional courses around Italy. With the help and support of their parents the target was to become real professionals and improve the knowledge of the industry. Their choice was for each of them to go in depth at different field to cover all the aspect of a Bar. Alessandro showed amazing skills when it came to the world of Flair and Gaspare was keen to improve his knowledge for anything regarding service and the Coffee World. They continued to be more and more involved and passionate about the path they had taken. Still ongoing with courses and competitions around Italy.  

Source: Hospitalian

In 2013, Gaspare decided to go beyond the borders of Italy and moved to London. Were Alessandro followed him straight after taking part in an international competition in the capital of Cocktail: London. The venue was “ The Roadhouse”. Situated in the centre of London. Famous for its Flair Bartending world events. This is where he won 1st prize. After that things started changing. ​Gaspare, also passionate about cooking, immediately found a job washing dishes in a kitchen and Alessandro as a junior bartender in a night club near London Bridge. In 2015, they found themselves managing the same nightclub, achieving great targets and positively impacting the venue. At this point their English had massively improved as well as their overall knowledge and management skills. They continued to grow professionally until they moved to the next stage of their carriers. 

Alessandro to "Aqua Shard" and Gaspare to "Sky Garden". Cocktail bars located on the upper floors of the most famous skyscrapers in Europe. Becoming part of the London elite of bar managers has been a challenging but rewarding process.  Gaspare has been the driving force behind many projects and initiatives. Revamp of Fenchurch as a bar destination was one of those as before it was seen only as restaurant destination. Working closely with Italicus (Voted best liquor in the world 2019) team he has made Sky garden the Top Selling bar in the world. This was a massive undertaking to introduce this new liquor to London. Also, on 2019 he has designed a project to have the restaurant terrace as a separate standalone venue where everything from idea, layout, menus, steps of service has been his creation. Alessandro has also been a strong influence in all aspects of service and drink creation process at Aqua Shard. While constantly providing himself as a master of his trade by wining endless recognitions and awards in many competitions around Europe.

Let's look at 5 things they definitely notices!

1. Find the right spot and stay quiet! Your Bartender will definitely notice your manners and respect for the others: Everyday most of the Bartenders are surrounded by customers that try to skip the queue or being noisy, if you quietly respect the others you will surely get noticed! Bartenders loves good manners.

2. Sweet eyes and big smile! Let's be honest, everyone can get attracted from a beautiful smile and Bartenders are not less. We personally consider Bartenders like super heroes but  no one can resist to a beautiful smile! Establish a constant eye's contact.

3. Help the Bartender to keep the bar top tidy and clean! This is actually quiet an usual tip but we can definitely ensure you that it will work: if you find yourself in a busy bar and the person in front of you spilled few drops of beer on the bar top, quickly find a napkin and dry it out, the Bartender will notice it and will appreciate very much.

4. No waste of time! Find yourself ready with your orders and let the Bartenders notice that you are ready even with the payment while the others still do not know what kind of drinks they want.

5. Bring back a dirty glass! There is not better opportunity to catch the Bartender's attention bringing back a dirty glass and hand it over to him, that is the best moment to be noticed.

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