Best Spanish Beer of 2021: Mahou Cinco Estrellas Session IPA

The iconic Cinco Estrellas’s new addition by Mahou triumphs as 2021’s best Spanish beer at the London Beer Competition.

The new Mahou Cinco Estrellas Session IPA wowed judges at the 2021 London Beer Competition, winning the spot of the Best Spanish Beer of 2021. The competition awarded this IPA with the title of ‘Best in Show by Country’ and a gold medal with 90 points. 

Born from the collaboration of Mahou and Founders Brewing, this ale opens with aromas of orange and grapefruit hoppiness, supported by clean malty sweetness and moderate bitterness, with a nice creamy finish. 


The London Beer Competition, over its four years of awarding beers, is recognized as one of the leading beer competitions across the globe. What sets the London Beer Competition apart from others is the unique judging process, which, along with the beer’s quality, also takes into consideration its packaging and value for money. Supporting the judging process is the top-tier ensemble of judges that grace the panel each year. Beers were tasted and judged by cicerones, brewers, bartenders, and other beer experts from greatly acclaimed establishments like Brewhouse & Kitchen Brewpub Group, Roberto's Bar and Tasting Club, DrinkTV, Brew Dog, and members of the Guild of British Beer Writers to name but a few.

Along with the Cinco Estrellas Session IPA, Mahou is home to numerous stories, beers, and anecdotes that have come together to build 131 years of a successful history. 

131 years of brewing history

Established in 1890, the first Mahou factory was situated on 29 Amaniel street in Madrid, which is now home to the ABC Museum of Illustration. The factory’s terrace was a hotspot for beer drinkers, a haven for enjoying a chilled pint with the occasional theatre plays. 

But what actually put Mahou on the map was The Sportif Club - a sponsorship club for the rich football culture in the country. In 1909, Mahou created the first club to promote and implement Athletics in Spain. Thus began a very special relationship between Mahou and sports, which continues to be a strong part of the company and the first part of the brewery’s Five Star Identity. For the past 15 years, Mahou has been a proud sponsor of Spain’s beloved club, and 13 time UEFA Champions League winners Real Madrid. Mahou is also a sponsor for Movistar Riders, which is Spain’s biggest esports gaming club. 

Mahou & Sports, source: Youtube

It didn’t take long for Mahou to find a spot amongst restaurants and bars close to them. Establishments like El Cangrejero and Calle Ponzano located just a few metres away from the factory-made the pairing between beer and small seafood their hallmark. Soon, Mahou dipped its feet into cinema, and during the 1930s, they promoted the creation of the Cea Film Studios in Madrid. 


Mahou Cervezas, source: Facebook

1962 was one of the most special years in the history of Mahou. The old factory shut down, and the brewery moved to the new factory on Paseo Imperial. To celebrate the move, Mahou launched their mythical brew - Bojito, which turned to be one of their flagship products along with the Cinco Estrellas. 

Shortly after the birth of Bojito, Mahou continued to create a range of beers that stand tall until now, making a mark in the drinker’s hearts. Some of their best beers come from being aged in Bourbon barrels.  

The Five Star Family of Cinco Estrellas

At Mahou, they believe that the Cinco Estrellas are family, not only to the brewers but also drinkers who have been sipping on Mahou’s brews for years. The Cinco Estrellas family consists of cervezas (beers), including Mahou Original, Mahou Sin Gluten (gluten-free), Mahou Radler, and the award-winning Cinco Estrellas Session IPA. 

While you can grab a pint of Mahou beers at any of the Real Madrid games at the stadium, you can also stock up at home so you don’t miss out on your favorite Spanish brew. US residents can purchase Mahou via Total Wine, Drizly, 1000Corks, and The Spanish Table. Those in the UK, grab a six-pack at your nearest Asda, Amazon, or maybe a bar around you might be serving the Five Star Family.

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