Habla Nº22 Crowned Best Wine by Value

Habla Nº22 is richly rewarded for its excellent showing at the 2021 London Wine Competition.

Spanish wine history has been laden with brands that have delivered timeless classics. A country that contributes widely to the rich reds, Tempranillo is Spain’s top red wine grape. It is the second-largest producer of wine in the world with the world’s largest planted vineyard area. Some of the land planted on this vast Iberian peninsula gives low yields and sometimes the old vines are widely spaced in the arid, tough and sometimes infertile soil. 

At the 2021 London Wine Competition wines from 36 different countries entered their wines. There were a total of 135 varietals that entered with shiraz, cabernet sauvignon and tempranillo being among the top six varietals on the show. In a competition that was stacked with quality wines, the Habla Nº22 was recognized by the judges as the Best Wine by Value. The judges at the competition are experts of the wine trade and include top-level wine buyers, wine consultants, sommeliers and master sommeliers. The Habla Nº22 stood out on all three fronts of quality, value and packaging with the value it provided for money standing out the most. 

The Habla Nº22 was amongst the biggest winners at the competition and took home the coveted Best Wine by Value award along with a 95-point scoring gold medal and the Best in Show by Country honour. It was also the Best Tempranillo at the competition and played a huge hand in Bodegas Habla taking home the Winery of the Year award. 

Bodegas Habla’s path to success


Bodegas Habla, Source Facebook

Bodegas Habla’s team has been known for taking challenges head-on right from the time they entered the business of winemaking. They had over 200 hectares of land but it was difficult to cultivate, not deeply fertile or one that received enough water. It was also very demanding on various accords with day-to-day survival being a strenuous task for those maintaining it. Although the land gave very little in return, the Bodegas Habla team have found a way to make sure whatever they get is of the absolute best quality. The grape yielded maintains the great character and this aspect of the winery has an essence of mystique. 

The Trujillo farm, one the Greeks cultivated in ancient times, is the site for the brilliant wine production system at Bodegas Habla. While the process of grape growing has been difficult and in more than one way led to the winery developing a strong personality, the terroir was not the place they dreamt of making world-class wines from the beginning. Over time, they have understood how to get the best out of each vine and now have a collection of amazing wines and an avant-garde winery to show for their efforts. 

It is this strong will and the constant desire to improve and bring the world of wine a host of incredible wines that was rewarded at the 2021 London Wine Competition. 

A wine of hard toil

The road to winemaking is a difficult one and not for the faint of heart. It requires great lengths of knowledge and a deep level of understanding of what is needed to create a wine suitable for restaurants and one that people would love to drink, over and over again. To create a stunning wine, one needs a combination of these along with the skill and desire to bring forward a wine that stands tall on every test and every critique it comes across. One such wine is the Habla Nº22, a labour of love and passion.


The winery has always known the importance of research when it came to viticulture and oenology. Combining the latest techniques and joining hands with institutes deep in the wine research industry, they have created a remarkable collection of wines. Be it their collaboration with the Faculty of Sciences of Zaragoza for analysis on oenology or gaining the required knowledge about water and the plants from the University of Berkeley, the winery has taken all the right steps to bring forth the best wines possible. Right at the top of these finely researched wines stands the Habla Nº22. 

The Habla Nº22 stands out on many fronts. Its impressive sweet note at the beginning lends great personality to the wine. It is followed closely by the silkiness that comes in the wake of the sweet tone. As you go on the rich journey with Habla Nº22, you will come to find a lot of freshness, balance and a prolonged, persistent and attractive finish. On the nose and the palate, this award-winning wine opens a window of harmony and preciseness. A great wine meant for enjoyment and one that belongs in any wine cellar or wine collection. A great buy!

The wines that played their part in Bodegas Habla’s dominant performance

While the star of the show no doubt was Habla Nº22 as it racked three awards along with its gold medal, there were five other wines from Bodegas Habla that helped the winery stand tall with the Winery of the Year award. 

Habla Del Silencio


A tempting, meaty and powerful wine that is hard to refuse, the Habla Del Silencio was awarded a gold medal for its 94 points showing at the London Wine Competition. The deep ruby red coloured wine comes with aromas of berries and red fruits with black pepper. Its spicy mid-palate with sweet notes of chocolate, mint and vanilla makes it intensely complex. 

Habla Nº20


A 100% Syrah, the Habla Nº20 is a delicious, ripe and intense wine with velvety tannins, a faithful reflection of the best possible grape in the privileged Tierra Trujillana. A precise and harmonious wine that opens a window of sensations for the nose and palate, and closes with a persistent finish. The Habla Nº20 also scored 94 points from the judges.

Habla La Tierra


A refreshing wine with pale red ruby colour and a nose of red fruits like strawberries and cherries with ripe blackberries that lift the wine. Pleasant on the palate with notes of sweet fruits, spices and mocha also made the Habla La Tierra a gold-medalist at the competition with 93 points

Habla Nº21


A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Merlot, the Habla Nº21 was the last of the five gold medal-winning wines from Bodegas Habla. It scored 92 points at the competition and is a fine, creamy wine with a silky touch and elegant personality. The palate is full and culminates in a surprising finish with an unexpected freshness. An extremely delicate and beautiful expression. 

Habla De Ti


Bodegas Habla’s final award winner at the 2021 London Wine Competition was the Habla De Ti. Awarded a silver medal at the competition, the Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most aromatic varieties in the world. A modern white that harmonizes with many foods, the Habla De Ti is a wine for any occasion. 

The place where the magic happens

The world of wines is one of discovery. With time one aligns their taste buds and finds wines that suit their taste. On the other side of the spectrum are those that produce these wines and help people make that decision. Habla Nº22 and Bodegas Habla are no different. On a tour of their winery, you will come to find the secrets of organic viticulture and appreciate the beauty of the grape varietals. Right at the heart of the winery tour is the tasting experience where all the wines on the market are available for tasting. Along with that, you will find the museum that stores Habla wines since its inception in 2007. 


While Habla Nº22 is their storied leader, Bodegas Habla has a terrific collection of wines that deserve your attention. Their aforementioned medalists from the London Wine Competition along with other select wines deserve your attention to truly appreciate their excellence. Find these wines and celebrate a journey of Spanish excellence. 

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