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7 cocktail recipes with Streeter Flynn Vodka!

Multi award winner Street Flynn Vodka is smooth, rich and versatile with great potential for easy cocktails to make at home.

Streeter Flynn is an all-American vodka that is crisp, clean, smooth, and distinctive enough to enhance any cocktail.  Naturally Gluten-Free, Streeter Flynn is created using only the highest quality sugar cane and distilled five times. The final finishing process makes this one of the smoothest Vodka available today, and a multi-award winner.

It earned 87 points at the Bartender Spirits Award 2022, thus claiming a Silver Medal, and 67 points at the London Spirits Competition 2022.  

Streeter Flynn Vodka

What to expect?

A smooth and full-bodied profile with a velvety and spicy aroma. 

A strong hit of alcohol in the first sip leads to pleasant notes of cotton candy, coriander and peppermint with floral hints on the palate. Clean and silky mouthfeel with a spicy, lingering finish.

Needless to say, the cocktails that come from this vodka are smooth, flavorful and versatile.

1. The Streeter Spritzer

This flavorful vodka cocktail is a fresh take on the classic spritzer, and could not have been easier to make at home!

Ingredients : 

1oz Streeter Flynn Vodka

3oz Sparkling rose

2oz Soda

Method : 

Build up all the ingredients over ice in a glass of your choice, and stir gently. Garnish with a freshly cut grapefruit slice.

The Streeter Spritzer

2. The White Sage

This is a fun brunch alternative to the Bloody Mary or a Mimosa. It's really refreshing especially after a morning yoga or morning run.

Ingredients :

1 ounce Streeter Flynn Vodka

1 ounce coconut water

1 T simple syrup

1 lemon wedge

2 fresh sage sprigs

Method :

Pour each ingredient into a shaker with a squeeze of lemon, one sage sprig, and ice.Shake and pour into glass with ice and garnish with a sage leaf!

The White Sage

3. White Manhattan

The White Manhattan is a contemporary twist on the classic whiskey cocktail - Manhattan.

Ingredients : 

2 oz. Streeter Flynn Vodka

1 oz. Dolin Blanc Vermouth

2 dashes Angostura Orange Bitters

Orange Peel for Garnish

Method : 

Stir all ingredients together in a rocks or stemmed glass wiitih ice until it is chilled. Garnish with an orange peel.

White Manhattan

4. Summerthyme Screwdriver

This refreshing community pitcher is everything you need for your backyard party this summer!

Ingredients : 

5 orange wheels, thickly sliced

2 lemons

11 oz. Streeter Flynn Vodka

5.5 oz. Aperol Aperitif

17 oz orange juice

Club soda, to top

Thyme sprig for garnish

Orange wheels for garnish

Method : 

Lightly muddle the orange wheels at the bottom of the pitcher.

Squeeze the lemons into the pitcher, and discard the shells.

Add the vodka, Aperol and orange juice, and fill up the pitcher with large ice cubes.

Top with club soda and gently stir to combine.

Serve in Collins glasses with garnish of thyme sprig and orange wheel.

Summerthyme Screwdriver

5. Oaks Lily

Ingredients : 

1.5 oz. Streeter Flynn Vodka

0.5 oz Bauchant Orange Liqueur

3 oz cranberry juice

0.5 oz. lemon juice, freshly squeezed

0.5 oz. Cocktail Essential Simple Syrup

2 blackberries and a lemon wedge for garnish

Method :

Add vodka, orange liqueur, cranberry juice, lemon juice, and simple syrup into a highball glass, fill with ice and stir gently. Garnish with 2 skewered blackberries and a lemon wedge.

Oaks Lily

6. The Wicked Witch Martini

Multiply this groovy recipe and mix it in a punch bowl for a fun Halloween party punch!

Ingredients : 

1.5 oz - Streeter Flynn Vodka

1 oz - Sweet Vermouth

0.5 oz - Simple Syrup

2.5 oz - Grape Juice

1/4 wedge - Lime

Splash - Maraschino Cherry Juice

Lime twist for garnish

Method : 

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker except the cherry juice and shake well with ice. Pour the mixture into a martini glass and finish garnishing with cherry juice and lime twist.

The Wicked Witch Martini

7. Espresso Martini 

The classic Espresso Martini only gets smoother, better and tastier with Streeter Flynn Vodka!

Ingredients : 

2 oz Streeter Flynn Vodka

1/2 oz coffee liqueur

1 oz espresso

1/2 oz simple syrup

Coffee beans for garnish

Method :

Add all ingredients to a shaker filled with ice and shake until well-chilled, strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with coffee beans.

Espresso Martini

Written by Stuti Khetan, Beverage Trade Network

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