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Amber Queen: A finely made Cognac cocktail

A de Fussigny's Cognac VSOP Supérieur comes through brilliantly as a part of the Amber Queen cocktail.

There’s something really enticing about a drink that comes with a beautiful backstory steeped in history. At the 2021 London Spirits Competition, the judges were introduced to a couple of such cognacs from French distillery A de Fussigny

The distillery established on the banks of the Charente River in the historical centre of Cognac, France, in 1814, had a spectacular outing at the annual competition with its double gold medal plus cognac of the year victory. 

The moment the distillery was established, the direction to move forward was set. It was to create a line of cognac that partnered French tradition with state-of-the-art modernity and innovation. Through the years, the original master blender’s craftsmanship has been preserved so as to not move far away from their original recipe. A belief that reaped rich rewards at the London Spirits Competition

The London Spirits Competition brings together a panel of elite bar managers, bar directors, bartenders and spirits buyers who use their knowledge and experience to identify the top spirits from all over the world. In a blind tasting session, these judges rate the entrants based on their quality, value and packaging, three criterias a drinker looks at before picking a drink at a restaurant, bar or a retailer’s shelf. At the 2021 edition, only 15 cognacs found a place on the winners’ list, with both of A de Fussigny’s cognac going one and two. 

A. de Fussigny Grande Champagne VSOP 

The first of the two winners from A de Fussigny was the A. de Fussigny Grande Champagne VSOP, which scored 93 points at the competition. In accordance with its score, it was also recognized with a gold medal and the coveted Cognac of the Year award at the competition. The cognac which has a dark amber colour supported by delightful mahogany hues has an elegant and complex bouquet. 

Notes of candied fruits like orange peel and prunes make their presence felt on the nose along with flavours of hot pastry, liquorice and rancio. All these flavours subsequently merge with spices, vanilla and melted notes of oak and coconut to make a compelling nose. The palate is well balanced, long and round with prune and pear notes shining at the beginning. 

As one tastes through the cognac; spices, vanilla, almond and coconut notes complete an exquisite mouth. The long and velvety finish of the cognac completes a fascinating drinking experience. 

A. de Fussigny Pure Organic VSOP

The second cognac from A de Fussigny to win at the 2021 London Spirits Competition was the A. de Fussigny Pure Organic VSOP. It added another gold medal to the distillery’s collection with a score of 92 points. Developed using wines made by wineries certified in organic farming, the A. de Fussigny Pure Organic VSOP has vine blossom, candied oranges that blend beautifully with notes of apple and vanilla on the nose. 

In the mouth, the cognac is light, balanced and smooth. The flavour profile includes notes of cocoa, liquorice and candied oranges. There’s a subtle sweetness on the palate which comes through because of lemon and vanilla notes. The golden and amber coloured cognac has a mildly spiced aftertaste. 

Amber Queen

These cognacs make fine ingredients in cocktails tailor-made for anyone looking to sip on a finely made concoction. The Amber Queen is one such cocktail that you can stir up. 


  • Cognac VSOP Supérieur A. de Fussigny 40 ml
  • White Lillet 15 ml
  • Pink grapefruit juice 30 ml
  • Tonic


Take a long drink glass and put some ice cubes in it, add the ingredients and stir gently. Fill with tonic.

Header Image- A de Fussigny, Source Facebook

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