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The Lithuanian Take on a Salted Caramel Espresso

From the northern side of Lithuania comes a beautifully interpreted Salted Caramel Espresso Martini from Pakruojis Manor Distillery.

The northern part of Lithuania has known quality drinks since the 16th century. Through the turn of the centuries, this custom has stayed the same with the nationals knowing which part of the country to go to in case they wanted a nice drink or two. This part of Lithuania was recently brought into the global limelight. At the 2021 London Spirits Competition, the Pakruojis Manor Distillery, represented the country in fine fashion, winning two silver medals. 

The Pakruojis Manor Distillery, nurtured in the north of Lithuania, was originally constructed by one esteemed pharmacist, Knut, as an essential part of the Manor’s Apotheke. While the distillery was there, the production of quality drinks came a little while later. Towards the end of 2018, after a slight hiatus, the distillery was brought back to life. 

Ever since, the distillers have constantly taken inspiration from the local traditions, taking the exceptional ingredients available in the surrounding forests and fields and turning them into fine artisanal spirits. At the 2021 London Spirits Competition, two of their spirits brought laurels to the country, making Pakruojis Manor Distillery the only Lithuanian distillery to win at a competition that saw 70 countries participate. 


The Distillery’s Home, Source Facebook

The winners from Pakruojis Manor Distillery were:

Kenya Coffee Liqueur

Working hand in hand with premium coffee experts Hurcan, the distillery has interpreted coffee liqueur in their own way. The finest hand-selected Arabica coffee beans were used to make this liqueur with a cold brew technology that adds a rich, creamy texture to the Kenya Coffee Liqueur. There are notes of unrefined cane sugar in the liqueur, with its relatively less sweet qualities underscoring its berriness. Striking notes of fresh coffee along with notes of blackcurrant and hints of thick cocoa ice cream enabled the Kenya Coffee Liqueur to score 85 points at the London Spirits Competition. 

Maple in Bloom 

Drawing inspiration from the distillery’s habitat, Maple in Bloom is the first flavour in Pakruojis Manor Distillery’s limited edition series. While thinking of a new flavour, the team came across a maple branch lying on the ground. This made them take in its blossoms, something which is found only a few days each year. The blossoms were so fragrant that the team did not hesitate one bit to turn them into a spirit. Maple in Bloom wasn’t far behind Kenya Coffee Liqueur in terms of scoring, racking up 83 points at the competition. Its very light and gentle palate and interesting floral aroma with very fresh notes on the finish make for a fantastic experience for the drinker. 

The tale of winning doesn’t stop just there for Pakruojis Manor Distillery, however. With the Kenya Coffee Liqueur tasting so good, it makes a great mixer for a cocktail. Their Salted Caramel Espresso Martini is as wonderful in taste as it is in looks. Here’s how the distillery makes its version of the Espresso Martini.


Salted Caramel Espresso Martini


  • 30 ml Kenya Coffee Liqueur
  • 30 ml Irish Whiskey
  • 1 t.s. salted caramel syrup
  • 1 espresso


Pour the ingredients into the shaker, add ice cubes and shake it well. Pour it through the strainer into a cold coupette glass. Add a few coffee beans at the top and enjoy. 

Header Image- Pakruojis Manor Distillery, Source Facebook

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