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Top 10 Festive Gins to Try This Christmas Season

Discover the top festive gins for Christmas as recognized by the 2023 London Spirits Competition.

As winter approaches and the Christmas season draws near, there's no better way to embrace the holiday spirit than with a delightful glass of gin in hand! In this discussion, we're going to reveal the Top 10 Festive Gins to Enjoy This Christmas. This thoughtfully curated list promises to bring a touch of magic to your holiday season.

We've gathered a selection that ranges from refreshing botanical blends to fruity and festive flavors, all designed to tantalize your taste buds and enhance your holiday cheer. What makes these gins even more special is that they've earned their place through the discerning judgment of experts at the 2023 London Spirits Competition, where quality, value, and packaging are carefully assessed.

Even Giacomo Falcicchio, the Head Bartender at Daisy Green and a professional storyteller, shares this sentiment. When asked about his favorite spirit and why he prefers it, he chose Gin. He elaborated that Gin is his top choice because it forms the base for most of his beloved cocktails, and its wide range of flavors makes it incredibly versatile for mixing.

So, let's raise our glasses and embark on a gin-filled journey, toasting the most wonderful time of the year!

Downpour Scottish Dry Gin

Image Source: North Uist Distillery

Downpour - Scottish Dry Gin is a lively fusion of citrus and local ingredients that truly comes to life when mixed with tonic. What's more, it comes in an impressive eco-friendly bottle that uses 38% less glass, making it easy to recycle.

Notably, North Uist Distillery's Downpour Scottish Dry Gin achieved the prestigious title of "Spirit of the Year" at the 2023 London Spirits Award, earning an impressive 98 points. We're confident that a sip of this London dry gin will immerse you in the delightful flavors of juniper, citrus, and spice, all wrapped in a rich texture with hints of cardamom and licorice in the finish.

Check out our exclusive firsthand account of Downpour - Scottish Dry Gin's remarkable journey. Watch Jonny Ingledew, Co-founder and Distiller at North Uist Distillery, engage in a captivating conversation with Sid Patel, CEO of Beverage Trade Network and London Competitions, about their award-winning creation.

Young Hendry’s X St. Ali Coffee Gin

Image Source: Young Henrys Brewing and Distilling Company

Young Henrys Gin And Tonic, crafted by the Young Henrys Brewing and Distilling Company in Australia, not only impressed with a remarkable score of 97 points but also earned the well-deserved title of 'Best Spirit by Quality’. Judges were captivated by its delightful scent, which featured notes of grapefruit and pomegranate, with a subtle touch of bitterness.

This eco-conscious, ready-to-drink delight is made with their award-winning Noble Cut Australian Gin and their signature tonic. It offers a refreshing blend infused with pink grapefruit and thyme. Notably, they are also committed to sustainability, donating 1% of their G&T revenue to eco-friendly projects and packaging their creation in aluminum cans.

Small Batch Martello Gin

Image Source: Albion & East

Small Batch Martello Gin is a delightful gin that's all about celebrating flowers and botanicals. It features subtle hints of grapefruit and lavender, giving your classic gin and tonic a unique twist.  This exceptional gin, crafted by Albion & East, earned a well-deserved Gold medal at the 2023 London Spirits Awards, scoring an impressive 96 points

Our team of expert judges couldn't have been more impressed with the unique and captivating taste that Small Batch Martello Gin brings to the table. They said it was like, "A gin with flavors and aromas of coriander, lavender, and tea on the nose and palate, with a smooth and elegant finish."

Jawbox Export Strength Gin

Image Source: Kirker Greer Spirits

Jawbox Export Strength Gin is an exciting journey for your taste buds. It's a no-nonsense gin renowned for its bold and robust flavor. With a higher ABV, it cranks up the botanical flavors, creating a symphony of juniper at the forefront, complemented by hints of citrus, spice, and herbal goodness in every sip.

This exceptional gin, produced by Kirker Greer Spirits in the UK, earned an impressive 96 points and a Gold award at the 2023 London Spirits Awards. Our seasoned judges couldn't get enough of Jawbox Export Strength Gin's unique and intriguing flavors, which set it apart in the world of gin. They said it was like, "A London dry-style gin with rich floral notes and well-balanced juniper on the nose and palate, offering a smooth texture and a long-lasting finish.

So, whether you prefer it neat or as the star of your favorite cocktails, Jawbox Export Strength Gin adds that extra punch to your gin experience.

Wabi Sabi Nihongin™

Image Source: Nomu-Japan™

Wabi Sabi Nihongin™ is a true gem, clinching a well-deserved Gold at the 2023 London Spirits Awards with an impressive 95 points. It highlights the art of Japanese craftsmanship through its meticulously handcrafted gin hailing from southern Japan. This exceptional spirit combines the latest distillation techniques with locally sourced organic herbs.

What makes it truly stand out? There's no citrus peel here; instead, it boasts a special herbal blend that creates a unique citrus character, gently nodding to the region's historical use of rose water for its medicinal properties.

No doubt our judges couldn’t stop praising its beautifully smooth juniper notes, the delightful cardamom and jasmine on the nose and palate, and a finish that's as smooth as it gets. This gin is pure magic in a bottle!


Cheddar Gin - London Dry Gin

Image Source: The Cheddar Spirit Co. Ltd

Nestled in the heart of Somerset, their London Dry Gin is a liquid masterpiece. Infused with lively citrus undertones, it's a match made in gin heaven, especially when adorned with a slice of grapefruit.

This Gold Winner drink makes your senses waltz with the delightful fragrances of citrus, juniper, and berries that greet your nose. With every sip, a velvety smoothness unveils a symphony of flavors, from chamomile to coriander and cardamom, all culminating in a satisfying, lingering finish.

Dry as a nun

Image Source: Distillers Republic

Winning Best Spirit by Value at the 2023 London Spirits Competition, the Dry As A Nun from Distillers Republic in Latvia is a London dry-style gin that is celebrated by judges for its captivating aromas and flavors, including vanilla, lavender, anise, cardamom, and zest.

The rich mouthfeel and complex finish make it a standout choice. Dry As A Nun keeps it simple with juniper, orange peels, coriander, and cardamom, providing a gentle, versatile spirit perfect for a variety of gin cocktails.

Gargano Sloe Gin

Image Source: Gargano Dry Gin

Sloe Gin is a quintessential English liqueur known for its lower alcohol content and the infusion of fruity, tangy notes from blackthorn berries. It combines juniper with the essence of red fruits, creating a delightful crimson elixir with a spicy kick and long-lasting flavor. It's a versatile drink that can be enjoyed neat or in cocktails.

The flavor profile of the drink includes a captivating blend of rhubarb, spices, delicate juniper, and floral hints. It offers a sweet and well-rounded taste with a hint of bitterness and a lingering finish. The character is deep and bold, featuring prominent notes of bergamot and berries.

Larrikin Gin Sunburnt Country

Image Source: Kilderkin Distillery

Showcasing the finest Australian bush tucker, this exceptional gin with a bottling strength of 50.7%, matching Australia's highest recorded temperature, allows the native botanicals to take the spotlight while juniper plays a supporting role. Experience the intriguing notes of dried plum, zesty lime, a distinct roasty character, and hints of strawberry and lemon.

Check out the engaging conversation between Sid Patel, CEO of Beverage Trade Network and London Competitions, and Chris Pratt, Director & Distiller at Kilderkin Distillery, as they delve into their remarkable victory at the 2023 London Spirits Competition.

York Gin London Dry

Image Source: York Gin Company Limited

The York Gin, lovingly crafted in the heart of Yorkshire, boasts a delightful gin with refreshing hints of citrus and spice. This gin's versatility makes it a must-have for classic cocktails. What's more, it's crafted with a commitment to sustainability, using local ingredients and 100% green energy. Sip it in, and you'll taste a piece of Yorkshire's finest.

In conclusion

In summary, these exceptional gins, recognized at the 2023 London Spirits Competition, offer a range of delightful flavors, from Downpour's zesty notes to Young Hendry's citrusy charm. Whether you prefer floral subtleties or bold depth, these gins have something for everyone. 

This Christmas, incorporate these gins into your festive cocktails and raise your glass to a season filled with exceptional flavors and cherished moments. Here's to celebrating the most wonderful time of the year!


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