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Most expensive bars of London

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So, you're the kind of traveler who has a craving for a wonderful beer. The best place is London, UK, but you don't just want some sort of pint from a random bar. No, it will only be adequate for the best of the best. To be frank, it's going to cost you.

London is a perfect place to visit for travelers. You're going to find cheap places to stay, dine, and spend a night out in the city, but it's also the ideal city for royalty-like dining and drinking. Some of the fanciest bars in London sell some of the finest beers in the world to those willing to pay the price. Here are the six Most Expensive Bars in the UK.

Coburg Bar 

Coburg Bar

The Connaught located in Mayfair is another extremely posh bar you can't miss in London if you're looking for great wine and good spirits to spend your money. Perfect for most couples and a romantic night out, the Coburg Bar is a warm and cosy environment for two people to sit down over a glass and get to know one another.

The welcoming atmosphere and candle-lit rooms create a place to calm down and relax where Londoners don't have to be afraid. You may have to pay a high price for your drinks, but if you're drinking during the day or having a late-night, many regular visitors to the bar enjoy their beverages.

Beaufort Bar At The Savoy 

Beaufort Bar

You'll find a pub called the Beaufort Bar at London's Savoy Hill House, a pub renowned for its "interpretative magic." What makes Beaufort Bar special is its cabaret stage and dark atmosphere that simultaneously sets up a night of entertainment and relaxation for both.

The Beaufort Bar is not the cheapest place to go for a pint, from entire bottles of wine to signature gin and tonics, but when you're serving caviar and prawns too, it's easy to see why. If you're looking for a unique way to spend a night out in London, consider going to Beaufort every night, where there's live music!

The Pod Bar, Sky Garden 

The Pod Bar

London's Sky Garden is the most prominent and tallest glass-dome garden in the area. It's a famous tourist attraction that offers some of London's skyline's most spectacular free views. More significantly, a bar is in there.

Exactly what it sounds like is the Sky Pod Rooftop Bar-a bar on the roof. The rooftop is a perfect place to go for a beer and have a beer in the beautiful city of London, surrounded by a beautiful garden and often used as a music venue. Spending New Year's Eve is also a popular destination.



There is also the 5-Star Luxury Hotel Claridge's in Mayfair, where visitors can find some of the finest alcoholic drinks and fine dining at almost any restaurant and bar located inside. The beauty does come with a price from afternoon tea to premium wine.

Visiting the restaurants at high-end hotels is never a bad idea in London if you're looking for a fancy date night. You should head to Claridge's for their signature champagne dinner. It can end up costing £350 per person in private dining rooms or the Claridge's Kitchen.

The Rake At Borough Market 

The Rake

The Borough Market, situated just next to London Bridge, is one of London's top places for fresh local and foreign produce. For a beer that is worth your money, The Rake is the place to be on the market.

The Rake, owned by Richard Dinwoodie and Mike Hill, is a bar with a huge choice of various beers. The bar also has a wide range of foreign beers to choose from, with an emphasis on American beers if you're looking for a place to hang with your mates-day or night-it 's going to be worth your attention to the Rake and their craft beers, though pricey.

Horses & Coach

Horses & Coach

Mayfair is home to Coach & Horses, near London's West End and situated on the eastern edge of Hyde Park. It's Mayfair's oldest pub, a pub built in 1744, and despite its age, it's still situated in one of the most revered areas of London, so you'll be paying a reasonably high price.

It is no ordinary bar, however. The cheapest of drunks you won't find here. It is a perfect place for those who have an appetite for both the old days and a perfect pint, with elegant décor, cushioned seats, and gold trimmings on its furniture. Coach & Horses is reasonably cheap in contrast to some other entries on this page.

Header Image: The Claridge's Hotel London

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