London's 15 leading bartenders and mixologists you must follow on Instagram

We have tried to gather the best and most creative mixologists and bar influencers on Instagram in London you need to know about.

There is an ocean of bartenders and mixologist on Instagram, and most of them are showcasing their ability to not only create impressive cocktails but to show as well as impeccable photo shooting skills. We have tried to gather the best and most creative mixologists and bar influencers on Instagram in London you need to know about.


This is an Italian super creative mixologist located in London. The cocktails he creates are extremely elegant. His feed is an inspiration for many, as he uses unique ingredients and presentations, while still managing to keep the classy elements in his drinks. He makes sure that he stands out from a lot of other mixologists on Instagram.



He is a London based mixologist, whose Instagram feed is like a Tropical getaway, filled with fruity creations and pops of colour. He uses white and black backgrounds on his feeds which allows the bright and fun colours in the drinks to stand out. His wild photography makes each drink seem like an art piece itself. 


Cocktail Circus

The next mixologist is called Jean Vital, a bar consultant, chef and photographer based across Sydney, London and New Delhi, posting his incredible creations through Instagram. He has a contemporary twist on classic cocktails through mouthwateringly good print-worthy professional pictures. Vital’s feed has got us scrambling for membership at his latest cocktail endeavour, House A.


The Cocktail Guy

Rich Woods is a London based award-winning bartender known for his unique creations and is at the forefront of bridging the gap between the worlds of food and liquid. He is recognised for his avant-garde approach to mixology.


Cameron Attfield

Cameron Attfield is the UK's bartender of the year 2019 based in London. Highly skilful and creative mixologist with an avant-garde style.


Salvatore Calabrese

He is one of the world’s leading bartenders and former President of the United Kingdom Bartenders’ Guild. He has created multiple modern classic cocktails, served up the world’s oldest cocktail and many celebrities.


Agostino Perrone

He is the director of the mixology at London’s Connaught Bar. He likes to post his incredible creations on Instagram, so don't hesitate to follow this living legend.


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Ryan Chetiyawardana - Mr Lyan

He is the person behind the iconic London bars White Lyan and Dandelyan. Mr Lyan is celebrated around the world for his inventive cocktail menus and magic way with a shaker.


Juris Kenins

He is the senior bartender of the legendary Savoy Bar in London. Young and very talented he amasses with his creative and innovative approaches to the bartending and mixology.


Michele Lombardi

He is the head mixologist of the Quaglino’s Bar in London where he creates his favourite classics cocktails with contemporary techniques. He is a big fan of the simplicity concept.


Andrea Paleari 

He is a young and promising Italian barman and mixologist working at St James Bar in London. He is showcasing a contemporary twist on classic cocktails through mouthwateringly good print-worthy professional pictures.


James Hawkins

He is the Head Bartender of Sexy Fish in London, creating very inspirational and innovative cocktails. He is Japanese influenced by using lots of Asian ingredients and products.


Eduard Balan

He is a talented and inventive barman who makes great drinks. He is at the top of his game and is leading the mixologist team in the Burger & Lobster chain of restaurants in London.


Francesco Braun

Francesco Braun is a passionate bartender, a consultant with incredible mixology skills. He is as well a professional photographer and social media adviser.


András Forray 

He is an award-winning Hungarian mixologist located in London with a great passion for whiskey and rum-based cocktails. 


We hope that the list is satisfactory as we have selected the creme de la creme of the London bar and cocktail scene.

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