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The Essential Malbecs of 2021

Swim above the Malbec wave as we turn your attention to only the best Malbecs to drink in 2021

A grape that humbly originated in the southwest of France finally found its place to shine across the Atlantic in Argentina. With so many grapes to compete from it was an underdog in its place of origin. The high altitudes and bright sunshine gave the juicy, black grape what it needed to reach its full potential and the Argentine full-bodied Malbec was born. Although Malbecs are grown around the world in countries like Australia and South Africa as well, they have been a signature wine of Argentina for many years. The deep, rich, ruby-red wine with definite hints of plum lends itself to pair well with red meats.  

A wine that is a favorite of oenophiles and sommeliers alike, it definitely deserves this shout-out. This Malbec Day, we bring to you award-winning Malbecs that left everyone at The London Wine Competition spellbound!

The London Wine Competition is known for paving the way for wines from worlds old and new and bringing recognition to the ones that impress. It’s a tough arena when a panel consisting of the most experienced palates try wines from all over the world and evaluate them. With experts like Katherine Larsen MS (Master Sommelier, UK Master Sommelier of the year 2014), Georgios Iordanidis (Head Sommelier and Wine Buyer at Zuma, London), and many more assessing based on the trifecta of quality, value, and packaging, one can expect that only the best wines will come up top. 

Twisted Cedar Malbec 


This full-bodied Malbec is known for its dry finish and the berry undertones that hit you as you go deeper into its flavor. With hints of vanilla and cinnamon, the Twisted Cedar Malbec is the perfect way to celebrate World Malbec Day. With a score of 91 points, this wine held on to the gold at the 2021 London Wine Competition and the sommelier’s palate like no other.  

The Twisted Cedar Malbec is available on Vivino

Alpasion Grand Malbec


The Alpasion Grand Malbec is a medium-bodied, inky red wine known for its dry finish and mild texture. Crafted in the Alpasion Winery this wine has notes of black pepper and expresses the flavor of the oak barrels that they’re fermented in. Picking 84 points from the judges, The Alpasion Grand Malbec won a silver medal at the 2021 London Wine Competition.  This wine is known to go well with red meat dishes that have a higher spice profile elevating the black pepper that is hidden amidst the judicious balance of flavors created by the winemaker.

You can find The Alpasion Grand Malbec on Wine-Searcher.

The Dragon’s Tooth


Aromatic with hints of blackberry, The Dragon’s Tooth flaunts flavours like sarsaparilla and fig with accents of cherry and tobacco leaf. Intriguing the sommeliers, this wine banked 88 points and a silver medal at the 2021 London Wine Competition.

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The Legacy 2015


The Legacy shows its fruity yet dark and lush texture with hints of blackberry following a rich impression of dark chocolate in the end. The plums give it a complex yet smooth finish altogether making it the perfect wine to celebrate Malbec day. Drawing 91 points from the panel of judges, The Legacy gained the attention of everyone present in the hall and obtained a gold for its excellence at the 2021 London Wine Competition. Pair it with goat cheese and you won’t regret this match made in heaven.

Have it shipped from The Poplar Grove, the winery making this award-winner. 

Punto Final 


The Punto Final, known for its fruit, had everyone’s attention at the 2020 London Wine Competition. Displaying its tannins this wine hits the right notes with its berry blend and tart, dry finish. Ripe fruit and sweet tobacco emerging with every sip, this wine proved its place grabbing a silver with 79 points.

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The Milamore, known for its smoky and fruity finish can spice up your dinner with just the right sharpness that is lent by the green pepper. The fruit blend in this particular Malbec helps in controlling the spicy and smoky undertone. With medium-bodied tannins and hints of coffee and tobacco this Malbec impresses. This Amarone style crafted wine, with 78 points in the 2020 London Wine Competition grabbed the silver right off the shelf keeping the sommeliers engaged in its multitude of flavors. 

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La Bienvenida


Embracing earthy notes, this Argentine Malbec is known for its leathery and earthy body with a well-balanced finish. Light on the palate, it has undertones of oak, plum, and coffee giving it a mildly woody finish. At the 2020 London Wine Competition with 76 points in its pocket, this wine got the silver medal swaying sommeliers with its oak and floral blend. 

Get a bottle of the La Bienvenida at Vivino.

Alto Molino - Malbec


The Alto Molino Malbec shows fruit with its heavy blackberry, plum, and fig tones, an oaky nose, and light tannins. This wine is smooth on the palate making it a great bottle to drink with dinner. With cherry and raspberry among the various berry notes, the Alto Molino Malbec proved itself at the 2020 London Wine Competition by earning 75 points and a bronze medal.

The Alto Molino is available at Vivino.

Loscano Vineyards Malbec


This aromatic wine shows blackberry tones and the slight hint of boysenberry on the nose gives it a light finish. With a high alcohol content and rustic finish, this wine brings the image and feel of the forest floor with slight hints of vanilla, oak, and a mild spice given by the white pepper. With 73 points and a bronze at the 2020 London Wine Competition, it is a keeper.  

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RedHeads Nobs & Snobs


A rare Malbec-Cabernet blend, this wine is known for its spice. With anise popping up in every sip, it contains tones of cloves, bay leaf, and pepper. This wine has notes of tobacco, eucalyptus, and oak giving it the perfect earthy vibe and a lush finish. Low on the tannins, this Aussie blend has just the right kick to end your day. At the 2020 London Wine Competition, earning 73 points this blend was awarded a bronze medal and can be paired perfectly with a mouthwatering filet mignon right off the grill.

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