Meet The Top 10 Standout Sommeliers of 2023

Meet our favorite standout sommeliers of 2023 on a captivating journey through the realm of wines.

We are excited to introduce you to the standout sommeliers of 2023. These folks are like the leaders of wine in upscale restaurants, mastering everything about wines – their origins, flavors, and the ideal pairings for your meal. They're the maestros ensuring everyone enjoys their time savoring the best wines. Come along as we unravel what sets these incredible sommeliers apart through their journey of wine.

Let’s dive into this specially curated blog, where we spill the beans on the Top 10 Best Sommeliers of 2023, just for you.

Top 10 Best Sommeliers of 2023

Federico Antonio Moccia, Head Sommelier at 67 Pall Mall

Image Source: Federico Antonio Moccia

Federico Antonio Moccia, who started as a bartender at Silver Cross Pub in Trafalgar Square, showcased his commitment and expertise in the hospitality industry. He progressed to become Head Bartender at The Garrison Public House, where he excelled in customer relations, wine pairings, and staff training. Joining 67 Pall Mall in 2017, Federico climbed the ranks from Commis Sommelier to the current position of Head Sommelier, demonstrating a remarkable journey of dedication and continuous growth in the dynamic world of beverages and hospitality.

Daniele Arcangeli, Certified Sommelier From The Court of Master Sommeliers Europe

Image Source: Daniele Arcangeli

Daniele Arcangeli, fueled by a profound passion for wines and global beverages, boasts over 25 years of dedicated involvement in the hospitality industry. His expertise spans luxury hotels and fine dining establishments in Italy, Switzerland, France, and the UK. Recognized as the Best Sommelier of Italy by the Associazione della Sommellerie Professionale Italiana (ASPI) in 2015, Daniele's exceptional skills and knowledge have earned him the honor of representing Italy at the ASI Best Sommelier of the World 2019. Furthermore, he holds the esteemed title of a Certified Sommelier from the Court of Master Sommeliers Europe. Presently, he is the Head Sommelier/Wine Buyer at Angler Restaurant.

Beatrice Bessi, Head Sommelier at Chiltern Firehouse

Image Source: Beatrice Bessi

Originally from Italy, Beatrice Bessi made the move to London five years ago after a successful stint as the Restaurant Manager for Alajmo, recognized among the 50 best chefs globally. Motivated by a passion for wine, she shifted her focus to pursue the Court of Master Sommeliers (CMS). Joining 67 Pall Mall, Beatrice spent four years ascending from Junior Sommelier to Assistant Head Sommelier under the mentorship of Terry Kandylis, successfully passing the Advanced CMS exam during her tenure.

Currently, Beatrice serves as the Head Sommelier at Chiltern Firehouse, where she continues to hone her expertise. Her dedication is evident as she works towards achieving the prestigious Master Sommelier (MS) designation while simultaneously studying for the WSET Diploma.

Filippo Carnevale, Ex-Head Sommelier and Wine Buyer at Xier Restaurant and Judge at London Competitions

Image Source: Filippo Carnevale

Filippo Carnevale, a Sicilian wine enthusiast hailing from Piazza Armerina, transitioned from flair bartending to a dedicated career in wines upon relocating to London at 18. Starting as a commis Sommelier in 2012, he swiftly ascended to the role of Head Sommelier at Buddha Bar London in 2014. Continuing his journey, Filippo served as Senior Sommelier at The Ritz London, contributing to their prestigious Michelin Star. Notably, he achieved success by winning the inaugural Cava Academy in London in 2018. Filippo furthered his impact as the Head Sommelier and Wine Buyer at Xier Restaurant, securing a place in the Michelin Guide 2020. Concurrently, he held the same position at Amethyst while pursuing his WSET Diploma.

Now a WSET Diploma holder, Filippo has expanded his horizons by co-founding the digital marketing company 'My-Safe Drop.' Leveraging his expertise, he also serves as a judge at the London Spirits Competitions. His multifaceted journey reflects his passion for wines and his diverse contributions to the industry.

Salvatore Castano, On Trade Advisor & Assistant Wine Buyer at Friarwood Fine Wine

Image Source: Salvatore Castano

Salvatore Castano, an Advanced Sommelier accredited by the Court of Master Sommeliers, Americas, recently clinched the prestigious title of ASI Best Sommelier Europe & Africa, triumphing over a group of exceptionally talented sommeliers. His accolades include being recognized as the 2nd Best Italian Sommelier (ASPO) in 2019, achieving the 2nd Best Young Sommelier UK by Chaîne des Rôtisseurs in 2019, and securing the 3rd Best Italian Sommelier (ASPI) in 2018.

With an extensive professional background, Salvatore has garnered rich experience in renowned London establishments such as MASH Steak London, Comptoir Cafè & Wine, and Annabel’s. Currently serving as the On Trade Advisor and assistant Wine Buyer at Friarwood Fine Wine, Salvatore brings his wealth of expertise to this role. Additionally, he is set to contribute to the judging panel of the London Wine Competition in 2023.

Biagio Castaldo, Deputy Head Sommelier at Maison Estelle

Image Source: Biagio Castaldo

Ranked as the 3rd Best Young Sommelier of the UK in 2021 and a Certified Sommelier endorsed by the Court of Master Sommeliers America, Biagio Castaldo embarked on his sommelier journey in London at the esteemed Locanda Locatelli, holding 1 Michelin Star, in 2016. Seeking to explore the 'New World,' he furthered his career with stints in Australia and Canada, enriching his wine expertise while traversing different landscapes.

In 2020, Biagio attained the Certified CMS in Portland, Oregon, marking a significant milestone. Returning to London in 2021, he currently dedicates himself to pursuing the WSET Diploma. Recognized for his exceptional talent, Biagio was voted the 3rd Best Young Sommelier of the UK in 2021 by Chaine des Rotisseurs GB. Presently, he serves as the Deputy Head Sommelier at Maison Estelle, an exclusive Private Members' Club nestled in the heart of Mayfair.

Eugenio Egorov, Head Sommelier and Wine Buyer at The Stafford London

Image Source: Eugenio Egorov

With an extensive 17-year tenure in the hospitality industry, Eugenio Egorov found his true passion in the captivating realm of sommelier work. His journey commenced in the kitchen immediately after completing Hospitality School, but it was almost 11 years ago that he transitioned to the front of the house, taking his initial steps into the intricate world of wines. Over the years, Eugenio sought out new challenges, venturing first to the US and then crisscrossing Europe, always driven by the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from the best professionals in the field.

Michele Fazari, Head Sommelier at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Image Source: Michele Fazari

Michele Fazari currently holds the position of Head Sommelier at Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, bringing with him thirteen years of valuable industry expertise. Michele's professional journey includes notable stints at esteemed establishments such as 67 Pall Mall, Aux 4 Coins Du Vin, Le Petit Commerce, and Hotel Du Vin.

Yves Desmaris MS, Club Head Sommelier at the Royal Automobile Club

Image Source: Yves Desmaris MS

Yves Desmaris MS is a Head Sommelier with a proven track record in the food and beverages industry. Possessing expertise in Catering, Food and beverage, Hospitality Management, Sommelier, and Wine, Yves brings a wealth of experience. His professional journey includes over 30 years, showcasing a strong foundation in Restaurant, Culinary, and Catering Management/Manager, attained from Livron. Currently serving as the Club Head Sommelier at the Royal Automobile Club, Yves Desmaris Desmaris holds the prestigious title of Master Sommelier, reflecting his commitment to excellence in the field.

Ramiro Fernandez, the Head Sommelier and wine Buyer at Galvin La Chapelle

Image Source: Ramiro Fernandez

Ramiro Fernandez, the Head Sommelier & Wine Buyer offers valuable insights into the criteria for selecting new wines. Originally from Galicia in the North-West of Spain, Ramiro ventured to London in 2005 initially for a brief English language immersion. Armed with a degree in Political Science and previous experience in a council job, he transitioned into the wine industry after a stint as a Commis Sommelier at the Ritz Hotel. Having worked with renowned chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Jason Atherton, and Daniel Clifford, Ramiro's career has been marked by excellence. Currently serving as a Senior Sommelier and wine Buyer at Kai Mayfair, he also provides consultancy for Spanish wineries.

You may also want to check out this exclusive interview where Ramiro sheds light on the significance of wine competitions for consumers, the benefits of winning medals for wineries, and offers tips on leveraging professional tasting notes received from judges.


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