Top 10 Bar Managers Shaping the Bar Scene in London

Dive into the compelling journeys of these top ten bar managers making a significant impact on the UK's drink scene. They're putting in hard work, staying dedicated, and bringing a bit of magic to the bar culture.

If you enjoy delicious cocktails, get ready for a fun encounter. Some of the most well-known bar managers in the world, known for their skill in crafting creative cocktails, designing elite beverage programs, and upholding industry standards, are based in London. And we'll delve into them in this article just for you.

Beyond their mastery of mixology, these managers play pivotal roles as mentors and role models. They prioritize employee training, consistently elevate their business practices, and generously share their expertise to contribute to the local bar community.

Let's uncover these top 10 maestros aka Bar Managers—each weaving their own magic into the UK bar scene, sharing what makes them special and how they add their own twist to the exciting world of drinks in the UK.

Without any more delay, let's dive right in.

Exploring the Bar Leaders

Diana Aladzic, Bar Manager at Soho House & Co.

Image Source: Diana Aladzic

Born in Serbia, Diana Aladzic commenced her hospitality career by earning a BA in Hotel Management from Budapest Business School. Her passion for bartending ignited during an internship in the Canary Islands. In her quest to excel in the industry, Diana headed to Amsterdam to glean insights from the experts at the European Bartender School. Her experiences ranged from working in the speakeasy, The Butcher, to Freddy's Bar in Hotel De L'Europe. Continuing her journey in London, she crafted unforgettable experiences and drinks for Soho House & Co.

Michele Becatti, Bar Manager at The Mayfair Hotel

Image Source: Michele Becatti

With 15 years of experience in the Bar and Hospitality industry, Michele embarked on his career as a Bartender in 2007 at Bar La Fonte. Progressing through various bars in Italy, he transitioned to London in 2013. His journey included collaborations with esteemed establishments like Inception Group, Sushi Samba, Marleybone Hotel, and others. Currently, Michele holds the position of Bar Manager at The Mayfair Hotel, London’s prestigious luxury hotel.

Fabrizio Donno, Club Manager at Pavilion The Business Club

Image Source: Fabrizio Donno

Fabrizio Donno, is a Club Manager at Pavilion The Business Club. With over a decade of experience in the world of beverages, Fabrizio embarked on his journey as a bartender, leaving a lasting impact as a Senior Bartender and Head Waiter at esteemed establishments such as Osteria Del Mercato, Tramp Members Club, Aqua Restaurant Group, and Stanley's Chelsea.

With over four years of experience as a Bar Consultant and holding a WSET Level 2 certificate, he brought his wealth of expertise to Pavilion The Business Club, where he initially excelled as a Bar Manager and has now ascended to the role of Club Manager, continuing to shine in his leadership position.

Michal Fink, Assistant Bar Manager at Oblix Restaurant

Image Source: Michal Fink

Michał, currently serving as the Assistant Bar Manager at Oblix Restaurant and previously holding the role of Bar Manager at One Hundred Shoreditch, brings over 7 years of expertise from high-end bars in London, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia. As a finalist in the Remy Martin Bartender Talent Academy, Michał holds certificates in WSET Level 2 for both spirits and wine. Their passion revolves around imagination and flavor pairing, evident in their dedication to cooking and bar preparation. Beyond the bar, Michał is an avid fan of anime and cosmology.

Claudio Iucolino, Bar Manager at Nikita Mayfair

Image Source: Claudio Iucolino

With over ten years of expertise in overseeing London bars, including notable establishments such as Chiltern Firehouse and venues operated by the Inception Group, Iucolino has made a significant impact in the industry. In 2018, Claudio Iucolino achieved the status of a semi-finalist in the Great Britain leg of the Diageo World Class cocktail competition. Notably, he secured victories in the Bulleit Frontier cocktail competition and the UK Bimber Distillery Martini challenge. Further adding to his accomplishments, Claudio was a finalist in The Vero Bartender Amaro Montenegro competition in 2019. Currently, he holds the position of Bar Manager at Nikita Mayfair.

Davide Leanza, Bar Manager at Mama Funki

Image Source: Davide Leanza

Davide, a senior bartender at the London Edition Hotel, started his career in Italy to fund summer holidays, later advancing through the ranks in London. Embracing the role of bartender as a game-changer, he thrived in dynamic and innovative environments, refining both professional and interpersonal skills.

Known for his strong, creative personality, Davide values organization and attention to detail. Despite his individual strengths, he emphasizes the importance of teamwork for success. His experiences have highlighted effective communication and guest interaction as crucial elements in his role across various bars and environments.

Gabor Molnar, Bar Manager at The Pig Hotel

Image Source: Gabor Molnar

Gabor Molnar, with a culinary education, has been a part of the hospitality industry since 2011. Beginning his career in Budapest with Morrisons Club and Le Méridien, he later moved to the UK in 2015. Gabor excelled as the Head Bartender at esteemed establishments like Boisdale Live Music Restaurants & Bars, D&D London, and Isshno-Ni.

Throughout his journey, Gabor actively participated in competitions, earning numerous awards. For over 7 years, he has been associated with The Pig Hotel and currently serves as the Bar Manager at The Pig on the Beach. Gabor's passion lies in hospitality, utilizing homegrown ingredients and creating flavors and drinks with a strong emphasis on sustainability.

Sebastian Soh, Bar Manager of Sachi at Pantechnicon

Image Source: Sebastian Soh

Sebastian Soh, an accomplished Bartender with a rich history in the hospitality industry, has demonstrated his skills at esteemed venues such as Shangri-La, Cafe Royal, and Annabel's private members club. His expertise spans Event Planning, Customer Service, Barista techniques, Teamwork, Bartending, and Coaching. Sebastian uniquely combines a strong scientific background with technical prowess in bartending.

Rui Tavares, Bar Manager at London Marriott Hotel County Hall

Image Source: Rui Tavares

Rui Tavares, the Bar Manager at Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar in London Marriott Hotel County Hall, is recognized for his hardworking and responsible approach, showcasing exceptional teamwork and leadership skills. Possessing extensive knowledge of classic cocktail recipes, gin, and various spirits, Rui began his journey at London Marriott Hotel County Hall as a Head Bartender in 2017. Progressing through the ranks, he assumed the role of Assistant Bar Manager in 2019 before taking on his current position at Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar in 2021. Rui's prior experience includes working with Marriott subsidiaries like London Marriott Hotel West India Quay, as well as other brands such as Casa da Boneca and Obviamente Bar in Portugal.

Flavio Russo, Bar Manager at The Other House

Image Source: Flavio Russo

Flavio Russo, currently serving as the Bar Manager at The Other House, has a rich background in the hospitality industry, with over 16 years of experience, including a decade in London. Hailing from Italy, Flavio's passion lies in wines, spirits, and cocktails. To him, hospitality is centered around people and the art of creating memorable and unique experiences.

Driven by their profession, these Top 10 Bar Managers in London go above and above to guarantee that everyone enjoys remarkable eating and drinking experiences. Their impact goes beyond their businesses, making them important players in creating London's vibrant food and drink landscape. What sets their leadership apart is their involvement as esteemed judges at the London Spirits Competitions, where world’s top on trade and off trade professionals gather annually to judge thousands of spirits by Quality, Value and Package.


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