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Why you need to join the Quokka #ClubOfHappiness RIGHT NOW!

Ginhead. Gin-geek. Ginsta. If any of these words resonate, this pitch is for you.

Quokka, UK’s new premium gin named after the happiest animal on the planet, has introduced the #ClubOfHappiness and it's making us smile ever so wide! 

This club is essentially a community of like minded gin-fans that sign up to receive perks like - 

~ Discounts and offers on Quokka Gin

Be it something as special as Christmas, or as simple as the onset of a summer weekend, every day deserves to be celebrated. Quokka gin likes to pamper its friends with regular deals (sometimes even free bottles) that you can share with friends and family. As they say, “sharing Quokka is the same as sharing happiness.”

~ Curated cocktail recipes to replicate at home

There are a million classic and contemporary gin recipes on the internet, so how does Quokka stand apart? 

The team of inhouse mixologists keeps in mind to use kitchen friendly ingredients that are easily available, and alternatives in case they aren’t. These recipes are curated especially for home bartenders that are hosting small to medium sized get-togethers and want to offer something beyond the G&T.


~ Ingredient recommendations

Quokka understands that gin is not the only ingredient that makes a drink great. It is important to pair the right tonic with the right garnish, the right glass and even the right amount of ice. Get free pairing recommendations according to your mood, setting and occasion. 

Bonus perk : You can also get in touch with the team to help you navigate the best drink styles and food pairings for your celebration.

~ Gin trivia and quizzes 

The idea is to educate the community, encourage discussions and adapt with new global trends, all while having a lot of fun. Engaging in friendly competition never hurt nobody! When there are enticing prices on the line and the learning happens in a game format, what's to lose? This has proven to be one of the most effective ways to know more about your favourite spirit. 


~ A chance to mingle with gin-minded individuals  

This is a vision for the (near) future. Quokka’s Founder and CEO, Mr. Sid Patel, talks about hosting regular member-only parties, tastings, masterclasses and festivities.

Quokka was born to celebrate life, love, hope, and give gratitude. Quokka came into existence to share happiness. And what better way to do it than share a glass of gin and spread some smiles!

The first event by #QuokkaClubOfHappiness is called #10DaysOfGratitude. It starts on the 14th of October and goes on till Thanksgiving in a virtual capacity. 

More information here.

How to join? Simply share your details here :

Written by Stuti Khetan, Beverage Trade Network

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