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Orfanos Estate’s Silver Medal Triumph

Ioannis Orfanos and his winery’s journey from a humble beginning to a landmark win at the 2021 London Wine Competition.

The story of Orfanos Estate began with Ioannis Orfanos. Ioannis had to leave his land, the land of Ionia and seek settlement elsewhere. He finally settled in Patras where he wished to re-establish his roots. He found the area of Mintilogio which was favourable for Ioannis’ idea of cultivation. In 1927 his fascination with the soil and its suitability for wine growing made Ioannis buy the property. 

The vineyard brought him closer to his roots, helped him keep his memories of the ancestral land he had so violently lost. The first vineyards he planted gave him a sense of satisfaction and brought peace and purpose to his life. Piece by piece, Ioannis along with his family cultivated the land which today is the site for one of the finest wineries in all of Greece. The story of Orfanos Estate is a great one, showcasing the triumph of the human spirit over turmoil. The turmoil of having to leave his home and shifting to a new place and rebuilding life from scratch. 

Today, the winery is a family business with the reins being passed from generation to generation along with winemaking secrets and know-how. The team is currently led by Emmanuel Orfanos who skilfully harmonizes his oenological knowledge with the art and traditions imparted to him by his ancestors to create exceptional wines. Among their wines stands Syrah 2017 which was among the winners at the 2021 London Wine Competition.  

Syrah 2017


The award-winning Syrah, Source Facebook

The 89 point scoring silver medal-winning wine comes from the Achaia and has a beautiful deep ruby red colour. Red fruit aromas on the nose with a mouthfeel of soft tannins and a fruity aftertaste make Syrah 2017 a very fine wine that can be served with hearty meal preparations. From serving it with well-prepared sausages, cold cuts and red meats to enjoying it with a course that includes roasted or baked lamb, Orfanos Estate’s Syrah 2017 is a great accompaniment. 

While Syrah 2017 was among the winners at the 2021 London Wine Competition, the Greek winery’s collection also includes other wines that are worth a mention. 

The Moschato: A 100% Muscat, the Moschato has a bright lemon-green colour and a strong aroma of citrus, apricots and rose. There’s finesse in the taste with a pleasant acidity that pairs well with pasta salads and seafood. 

The Malagousia: Nose typical of the variety with aromas of citrus, pear apple and green notes such as pepper and asparagus. A 100% Malagouzia has a very good balance with an aromatic aftertaste. To enjoy it with food, pair with fried or grilled fish as well as poultry cooked in white sauce. 


The finest wines from Greece, Source Facebook

Rosé Merlot: An intense coloured Merlot with violet highlights, this wine from Orfanos Estate has predominant aromas of sour cherry, berry and plum. The subtle sweet aftertaste of this Rosé goes well with Mediterranean dishes, well-cooked pasta and cheese. It can also be served as an aperitif. 

Semi-Sweet Pink: Another Rosé but this time a Muscat, the Semi-Sweet Pink is a refreshing wine with aromas of grapes and citrus. It comes with a long and sweet aftertaste that makes the wine an ideal aperitif. 

Semi-Sweet White: The final wine from the Orfanos Estate collection, the Semi-Sweet White has an intense refreshing acidity to it. It can be enjoyed as an aperitif or paired with varieties of cheese, fruits and white sweets. 

The ultimate goal for Emmanuel and his team is to produce high-quality wines that people can enjoy sipping on with great food or as aperitifs. In order to ensure that, they have built a state of the art winery fully equipped with modern technology to produce wines that stand up to the Orfanos name. 


Visiting Orfanos Estate, Source Facebook

The team of winemakers have learnt their craft from over the world and are using it to bring the best wines to the table. Wines that are among the finest from the Greek shore. The team also believes in sharing their love for winemaking, which is why the winery is open for visitors. 

All those who want to know the world of vineyards and get to learn the process and methods of making a great wine can visit the Orfanos Estate winery. Open all year round to the public, the winery tour begins with the vineyards and continues through the production area, oenological control units and bottling sites. During this experience, people get to know about the heritage of Orfanos Estate and what goes behind making these wines. 

The tour ends with a visit to the cellar where the showroom and the shop are located. Enjoy every variety of wine produced on the estate along with the Syrah 2017, one of the finest Greek wines in the world right now. You can contact the winery to get detailed information and plan your visit to the winery. You can also follow the latest happenings of the winery on Instagram and Facebook

Header Image- Orfanos Estate, Source Facebook

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