Photo for: The Best Old Fashioned in Kansas City

The Best Old Fashioned in Kansas City


2 oz West Bottoms Whiskey Co. Kansas City Whiskey
0.25 oz Organic Maple Syrup 
2 heavy dashes Angastora Bitters
Dehydrated Mandarin for garnish
Whiskey Marinated Maraska Cherry for garnish


On a used whiskey stave, dash bitters generally onto charred side of wood and then use torch to get bitters to smoke. Cover quickly with upside down glass to capture the fumes and smoke the glass. 
In a mixing glass, combine and stir Kansas City Whiskey, maple syrup, and Angastora Bitters over ice.
Place large square ice cub in the smoked glass and pour the created mixture over the ice cube. 
Garnish with dehydrated mandarin and cherry.