London Drinks Guides to feature cocktails from London Spirits Competition Winners.

London Drinks Guide is Beverage Trade Network’s newest media asset and a digital magazine where Drinks Culture Lives.

The London Competitions 2022 saw massive participation of over 2000 spirits, wines, and beers from 45+ countries. 

Apart from the competition result being shared by over 50,000+ trade professionals and 20,000+ buyers in and around the UK, Beverage Trade Network will now also feature signature cocktails of participating spirits in London Drinks Guide, a leading digital magazine showcasing the drinking culture of London, aimed directly at a UK based audience. 

At no extra cost for the entrant, the website article will boast details about the brand, tasting notes, and recommended recipes for the audience to try at home. The Instagram page of London Drinks Guide will also feature the recipe for the end consumer to save and share with friends and family.

Image: London Drinks Guide - Website

Image: London Drinks Guide - Website

Consumers are by nature at the center of the judging process of these awards, and the award criteria are designed based on how customer decisions are made in bars, breweries, and distilleries around the world. 

The winners are evaluated based on quality, packaging, and value - and are supported by a strong consumer awareness campaign, particularly through social media channels and spirits comparison apps, to promote this global competition.

Spirits scoring 65-75 are awarded the Bronze Medal, between 76-89 qualify for the Silver Medal, and scoring above 90 qualify for the Gold Medal and are considered for Special awards.

Image: London Drinks Guide - Instagram Page

Image: London Drinks Guide - Instagram Page

Special awards at the London Spirits Competition are based on categories that include Spirit Of The Year, Distillery Of The Year, Best Spirit By Country, Best Spirit By Quality, Best Spirit By Value, Best Spirit By Packaging, and more.

2023 Submissions are open. 

You can register your brands now to save £75 per entry with super early bird pricing.

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