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The Art of Liqueurs with Artelicor

Spain’s rich drinks heritage has a great new addition as Artelicor C.B. Liqueurs won big at the 2021 London Spirits Competition.

Spain’s contributions to the beverage industry are second to none. The country is known for its wines. From their Tempranillos to the Grenaches and the Monastrell, the wines from the European nation have been a thing of beauty. They also have an occasional vodka that stirs up the same emotions as their wine and gins do. However this year there was a change in this outlook. This year, at the London Spirits Competition, however, there was a new category on show from the lands of Spain. 

Liqueurs from Artelicor C.B. impressed the judges at the competition as they took home a total of six medals, one gold and five silvers. Artelicor C.B. wants to bring light to the developing world of liqueurs in Spain. Artisanal distillers who create small-batch liqueurs using natural products and combining them with pomace brandy, Artelicor C.B. is showing that Spain is heading towards a new market for spirit manufacturers. 


The Artelicor C.B Collection, Source Twitter

Their result at the 2021 London Spirits Competition was just the right step forward, as the distillery brought Spanish liqueurs to the forefront with a great showing. The London Spirits Competition judges spirits on the basis of quality, value and packaging. Each of the parameters is equally important from a consumer's point of view and helps them decide whether to buy a spirit or not. The judging process is overseen by bartenders, mixologists, industry experts, veterans of their trade with a keen eye on which spirit will be a great addition to a bar or restaurant's menu and a retailer's shelf. 

These liqueurs from Artelicor C.B stood up to the rigorous judging process and came out with flying colours. 

Crema de Orujo


The Crema de Orujo or the Pomace Cream starts with a high-quality dairy base, mixed with marc brandy to which the distillery adds coffee and cocoa. The resulting beige colour is reminiscent of coffee with milk but the liqueur is much more than its colour. An exquisitely smooth liqueur, the creamy flavour of Crema de Orujo makes it a very pleasing liqueur to drink. It won a gold medal scoring 91 points at the 2021 London Spirits Competition. 

Licor de Hierbas


Following an old formula used by their grandfather, Licor de Hierbas is where the marc brandy is macerated with more than 15 types of herbs and spices. All of these herbs and spices come from organic production. They are later filtered which adds sweetness to the liqueur. Licor de Hierbas has a fine and delicate aroma with the flavour profile being quite similar to the nose. The mouth is persistent with the brandy and the flavours combining to perfection. Licor de Hierbas was awarded a silver medal and tallied 89 points at the competition. 

Aguardiente de Orujo


Obtained upon a slow distillation process in copper stills, the Aguardiente de Orujo or Marc Brandy is made from freshly fermented grape pomace. A clean, crystalline appearance, it is full of aromas and flavours that will remind you of fine grape pomace. The Aguardiente de Orujo, another silver medalist from Artelicor C.B. with 88 points at the London Spirits Competition is also at the base of production for all of their liqueurs. 

Crema de Piña


A new addition to the Artelicor C.B., the Crema de Piña is made with a milk cream base flavour and natural pineapple extracts. Full of tropical flavours and pleasant aromas, the Crema de Piña is smooth and creamy and reminds you of ripe pineapples. It is very easy to drink and the perfect choice if you want to drink something soft with a low alcohol content.

Licor de Limón


Organic lemons from Valencian orchards are selected to create this gem of a liqueur. Only made during the month of May as that is when the variety of lemons used reaches their optimum, the Licor de Limón has a unique and unmistakable flavour. The flavour of the lemons is in perfect harmony with the brandy to create a sweet spot that makes it ideal for a copious meal. Its refreshing taste also adds to the liqueur’s charm. 

Licor de Miel 


The perfect fusion of marc brandy with pure rosemary honey, harvested by local beekeepers in the fabulous mountains that surround the distillery is the Licor de Miel. A pale, almost translucent liqueur that shows the purity of the honey with which it has been made. It does not contain added sugars, its sweetness is completely natural, the sweetness of honey. The final silver medal winner from Artelicor C.B.

These liqueurs while being great drinks on their own can also be used as a base for different cocktails that you can easily create at home. The distillery sells its liqueurs across a number of cities in the UK, you just have to find the right place. 

The story of Artelicor C.B. is only getting started. Get the latest updates from the distillery and their story by following them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Header Image- Artelicor San Antonio, Source Facebook

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